A Mental Benefit

I don’t know how many people reading this blog would have the same disorder difficulties as I have had, but I really want to reach those who have experienced them in every way. Its all the same thought process; not loving yourself, and it’s something that is the most difficult to challenge and change, but it IS POSSIBLE! icon smile A Mental Benefit

Just to share a bit of my past years before meeting Luke, I had massive issues with eating for many years, which fed my depressed mood, which then fed my loathing for my body, which then fed the “I shouldn’t eat” urges… you get the idea. At the time, I had no idea it was going on. I kept it to myself, and it wasn’t a big deal in my every day life. I just didn’t eat very often. Only now have I seen the damage physically and mentally. If you have suffered or are suffering from any of these kind of things, you’re not alone! I was so surprised, and yet relieved, that there are SO many women and men out there that go through these urges and mental fights… and because of that, there was so much help out there for me. (And you).

As I mentioned before, meeting Luke was an incredible changing time for me. He has never made me feel that I have to eat more than I want, or pressured me that I was stupid for feeling the way I did. He has been the biggest factor towards my success in health and food; loving my body. Though now that we’re on this diet I’ve realized that how I was eating before (believing I was doing “pretty well considering what I used to eat… or didn’t eat”) was nothing compared to the nourishment and happiness my body has in this state of constant, good food.

For any of you that don’t feel you hate your body, but you have a lot of depression or bi-polar tenancies, dyslexia, fatigue, memory failure, over-all negative thoughts about life… the list goes on. This is the diet for you. Even if you didn’t stick to it to lose the weight, this is the exact diet to be learning the base-line of what you should be nourishing your body with. Before one worries about what medication to go on or what counselor to see, first treat your mind properly and feed it with this diet. Before beginning this regime I was notorious for my memory failure, my short temper, lack of academic achievement, lack of self-confidence, and over-all depression that created a “fuzz-like” effect on my life. I lived in a bubble.

Now that I have been eating properly for 2 weeks I have a noticeably better memory, I’ve had days on end without becoming angry at little situations, I’m actually REALLY good at math and I love it, incredible break-throughs with my self-confidence that even take me by surprise, energy all day long, and a clarity in my day to day life that has allowed me to cherish every moment. And all I’ve changed is my diet.

I have never been so thankful that we found this diet to show me how life can be led.

p.s. Tomorrow is our day off… and I’m SO EXCITED. I’ve been making a list all week long and, man… it’s going to be good! icon wink A Mental Benefit

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7 Responses to A Mental Benefit

  • Graeme says:

    Good article kat, I think we have grown up in a society that has underestimated the connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind. Food is often as, if not more, important, than medication. Get the nutrition right and our mental health can often be improved.

    • Kat says:

      Hey Graeme,
      Thanks for writing. I think you’re right about this!
      The two really are connected very strongly, and the body works as a whole system, all connected – nothing is separate!

  • Melanie says:

    Hi Kat and Luke, just found your blog today and love the honesty . My husband and I have been following this diet for 3 weeks and although we don’t seem to be losing kg’s we are losing cm’s. I’m not sure we are doing it right. Bfast is 3 eggs, 2 rashers bacon and half a tin of beans or lentils with spinach and cottage cheese. The two lunches are half a tin of large tuna and half a can of beans/lentils with some cottage cheese and veg and dinner is much the same.

    Anyway the reason why I am responding to this post is that what you are saying is exactly what I have noticed. I feel calmer, less stressed and enjoying my children a whole lot more. I have also noticed my skin not have those monthly breakouts and my lack of desire for any sugar (which actually makes the binge day hard because there is nothing that I am craving except maybe white wine….haha) . I am telling everyone I see about this and have another friend on board. Admittedly I am not doing any of the exercises and doing an occasional walk. Am loving this improved me though.


    • Luke says:

      Hey Melanie,

      Really glad you found our blog useful!

      The results you’ve got are really awesome!! The mental aspects of following this kind of lifestyle can be really impactful.

      As far as meals go, it’d be better if you guys cut out the cottage cheese, and the bacon. Bacon is ok a couple of times a week, but better to have the eggs, beans and spinach. And if you’re hungry, add an extra egg and/or beans. Some people find 4 meals per day more workable, because you might need to have very large portions with 3 to have enough energy all day long.

      Hope you’re both doing great!

  • ASHLEY says:


    • Luke says:

      Hey Ashley,

      Great to hear from you, and I’m really excited to hear that you’re having such great positive benefits! Good on you!!

      All the best,

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