Testing Coffee, one, two, three…

So I mentioned earlier this week that I was going to try not drinking coffee as it was making such a huge difference in my moods: well, success in the testing! For all of yesterday I was perky and not moody whatsoever. (Just ask Luke, lol). So, today I thought about how I had drank that coffee 2 days ago and realized that I drunk the coffee without thinking about where my stomach was with its day.


This is something that I do very often: acting upon things and food without thinking of mental consequences or how my body would react. This is something that I have to be unusually careful with as 3 years ago I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder and Anorexia. Coffee has a HUGE effect on me, but as I was in University, coffee became a big part of my day the more my stress level increased. Now that I’ve been working so hard on the mental and physical aspects of both of the issues I was dealing with inside my body I’ve really tried to at least become AWARE of consequences like drinking too much coffee. Obviously in this case 2 days ago, I got a bit excited.

Today I tried another experiment. Drinking coffee an hour after I had eaten Lunch One. I tried to be aware of where my body was in its food, making sure that my stomach stopped feeling uncomfortably full and drank only a small coffee. I definitely felt the energy from caffeine, but it is 10:30pm and I am not grumpy or moody in the slightest.

So, it might have been a small experiment, but a big lesson for me to learn (yet again). And I just want to say that these mistakes are great for everyone to learn through! Listen to your body and it will love you for a long time.

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