A New Outlook on Energy

Luke and I probably aren’t the only ones dealing with a whole new idea of energy! I am astounded by how long I can last now that I’m eating such incredibly fueling food. Here are some of the things we’ve learned from it.

Because most of us, before we began this regime, were eating “regular” food (what ever that is), there was a normal expectation towards when we would run out of energy at the end of the day; whether it be earlier than some or later, we all knew when our day was done. Now that Luke and I have been eating this magnificent food, we’ve been endowed with an INCREDIBLE boost in our energy. Now, to most this sounds awesome: who wouldn’t want more energy to play with during the day/evening? Well, unless you’re practiced at shutting yourself off after an allotted amount of time, you might begin finding your sleep cycles shifting.

Luke and I, without knowing, just allowed ourselves to keep going all day and all night until we felt like going to bed. 18-hour days, easily – 2 am was no big deal. Then slowly, last week, our moods began to swing a bit more, we weren’t very approachable with new ideas during the day, and Luke was napping 1 or 2 times depending on how tired he was. (Don’t get me wrong, napping is great as long as you’re planning out how many hours you’re sleeping at night, NOT flying by the seat of your pants…. which is what we were doing.) These last few days in our house-hold have been down-right wacky with how late we’ve been sleeping, how much work we put our body’s through during the day and night, etc; we have learned our lesson.

So, to sum up this post:

This new-found energy is awesome and you should use it as much as you can. Exploit the great moods (if you’re not doing the craving stage lol), and strive in the clear-minded healthy feelings, but make sure you make your goals for the day and have a clear set point in the evening that you’re going to get yourself to shut down, otherwise (with how we are programmed before the 4 Hour Body) you’ll work yourself too hard and not realize it until your partner becomes their evil twin and you’re stumbling around at 2 pm feeling like you were hit by a sledge hammer.

Just a little planning ahead will help you transition into this incredible mind and body you deserve to be living in!

I’d love to hear some of your energy stories on twitter! @katpenfold


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