Slow Carb Chocolate Brownie Recipe

I am not a great baker but Luke and I thought we’d give it a shot!

I’ve combined a zucchini chocolate cake recipe and a chick pea chocolate recipe… and some other things I found along the way. icon wink Slow Carb Chocolate Brownie Recipe If you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy the tang of Stevia, make sure you watch how much you’re putting into the recipe. They say that 1 tsp Stevia = 1 cup of sugar. I used less than 1 tsp and its still bitterly tangy.

Update: I’ve just put in my second batch (a small cake) and added a new idea to try to cut the taste: lemon juice. I’ll let you know how it turns out in 23 minutes. [Update: NOT GOOD! If anything, it made it worse][I've learned a lesson]

Slow Carb Chocolate Brownie

2 cups cooked chick peas – drained
2 cups shredded zucchini with skin (about 1 medium zucchini)
4 eggs
2/3 to 1/2 cup of cocoa (depends on how chocolate-y you like things)
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
barely 1/2 tsp Stevia (this is also up to you. I used a little less than 1/2 and it was on the border-line too much)
1/4 crushed almonds


Begin cooking your chickpeas.
Turn oven on to 350 degrees farenheit
Shred your zucchini and mix them with your eggs, baking powder, and vanilla.
Add zucchini mixture and chickpeas to your blender and use a high power to make sure any chickpea skins are chopped up finely.
Add cocoa and Stevia. (start small with Stevia: remember, you can always add more)
Blend well

IMG 1719small 150x150 Slow Carb Chocolate Brownie Recipe

Do taste test to see if there’s anything you’d like to add more of.

Oil or butter your cake pan. I made one batch of muffins and one cake. If you make muffins, make sure you still grease the cup bottoms. There’s so much liquid in the batter it seeps through and sticks them to the bottom of the pan.

IMG 1724small 150x150 Slow Carb Chocolate Brownie Recipe

This batter is pretty temperamental so, begin with 20 minutes and do a test to see if the center is cooked. Add  more time if necessary!


Nutrition Facts
Per serving (recipe makes 24)

Calories – 55.8
Total Fat – 2.4g
Cholesterol – 35.42 mg
Sodium – 81.4 mg
Potassium – 133 mg
Fiber – 2.1 g
Sugars – .4 g
Protein – 3 g


Hope you enjoy some different food! Luke’s already eaten 2 of the muffins and they’re still piping hot. icon biggrin Slow Carb Chocolate Brownie Recipe

IMG 1729small 150x150 Slow Carb Chocolate Brownie Recipe

This is Luke’s way of cooling them down as we’re without a cooling rack.

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26 Responses to Slow Carb Chocolate Brownie Recipe

  • Jonathan B. says:

    I love the slow carb chocolate brownie recipe! Will have to try that.

    You should submit it to 4hourrecipes dot com, they are collecting the best recipes from everyone’s Four Hour Body experience.

    - Jonathan B.

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  • MHM says:

    how many carbs is it?

    • Luke says:

      Depends a little on the bean base you use – using chick peas here, we just divided our regular meal carbs (in which we have 1 cup of beans) by how many servings we cut it into – perhaps 8 servings, meaning the 2 cans of beans (approx 4 cups) equalled to 1/2 cup of beans per serving. I don’t like to count numbers, as I think slow carb is more about what you’re eating, but I like to understand how much food there is in something, especially compared to a regular meal.

  • Blaithin says:

    Hey! I’m new to the 4HB (one week in – loving it but finding it hard to fend off cravings). This is just what I need for my chocolate cravings, which are plentiful and regular ha.. I was wondering though, I live in Ireland and am finding it hard to find certain ingredients in the shops here, such as salsas and relishes with no added sugar, or in this case with this recipe, unsweetened cocoa powder. How do I check that the powder is unsweetened before I buy it? I assume it makes a huge difference if it is sweetened.. Also, I am unfamiliar with the term ‘Stevia’, but on research it appears to be an artificial sweetener.. must it be this brand or could I use any sweetener?
    Sorry for the long comment, just trying to get used to checking labels and knowing what to look for. As a 20 year old girl living at home, I’ve never had to shop for myself so carefully before! I would appreciate your help here, and any other tips and tricks at all you may have :)
    Thanks always!

    • Luke says:

      Hey Blaithin thanks for leaving your comment!

      It can be quite a change, learning to check those labels, and understanding what it all means. Of course, it doesn’t help that food companies want to sell us all more food, not less. And generally the cheap stuff is the worst for you but the easiest for them to produce!

      Great job getting started. We’ve heard from a couple of people that ingredients, etc, can be hard to find, so here goes:

      Tomato salsa is a tricky one, because in some places, it just isn’t made without sugar. This is a little annoying, but if you can’t find a brand that doesn’t have ‘sugar’ in the ingredients list, just avoid it all. The added sugar could really stall your progress.

      Cocoa powder is generally found with baking supplies, like self raising flour, etc.. and not near the drinks aisle. Sometimes there are products called ‘Cocoa’ around tea and coffee, but they are usually prepared drink mixes which owe most of their flavor to pure sugar. So, check out baking areas in grocery stores, and what you want is just ‘cocoa’ just pure cocoa, nothing else in it. It is chalky and isn’t too pleasant on your tongue by itself (which is why people mix it with sugar to make a drink!).

      Stevia is a certain kind of natural, calorie-free sweetener. It is derived from the leaf of the stevia plant, and gram for gram it is 100 times sweeter than sugar. Consequently, we need very little of it, and we get a sweet sensation, with no calories. I still recommend staying away from all sweeteners, natural or artificial (because they can make your body think it’s getting sugar, which makes your insulin react and potentially then be in a state to store fat), however this is one of the better ones. Also consider using a little bit of cinnamon in this recipe too if you like the flavor. Cinnamon reduces impact on blood sugar levels.

      I hope that helps you out. And hopefully these treats can help you when you’re having those cravings. These brownies are best kept for occasional snacks, as slow carb is all about eating 4 meals per day of legumes, protein and veges, and obviously there aren’t any veges or a lot of protein in these!

      All the best,

      • Elizabeth says:

        The 2 cups of zucchini doesn’t count as veggies?

        • Luke says:

          Hey Elizabeth – great catch!

          I should have said – though there’s some veges in here, divided between the servings, it doesn’t equate to a full slow carb meal’s worth. So I always advocate including plenty of veges at each meal.

          All the best,

  • mwd1189 says:

    350 degrees celcius??!!

  • Em says:

    Ok so can u eat the whole bath in a regular non chest SCD day?

    • Luke says:

      These can be eaten on non-cheat days. But double check nutrition vs what you’d be eating in a meal, to make sure you’re aware on what nutrition you’re replacing with these. (how much fat, protein and carbohydrates).

      All the best!

  • Summer says:

    Hey, thanks for the recipe! I thought chickpeas were not allowed on the diet, though?

    • Luke says:

      Hey Summer,

      They’re on the borderline. I wouldn’t encourage people to make them a staple, but they are closer to black beans and white beans than starchy vegetables or bread. These treats aren’t meant to be an every day kind of food, so I feel that the ingredients sit well with the intention.


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  • Barbara says:

    Some baking hints – Dry your chickpeas on paper towels. Also shred your zucchini on paper towels. You will have a less moist batter – more like real cake batter. You can grease your baking pans and dust them with cocoa powder so the cakes come out easier.
    When you remove from oven, cover with a tea towel to let them cool and they will be moist and delicious. From one recipe I made 24 mini muffins and 1 seven in cake layer.
    Also, I put everything in the food processor but the nuts and zucchini and processed until smooth. I then added the zucchini and just pulsed three times to incorporate. I sprinkled the nuts on the top of the muffins. Hope this helps.

    • Luke says:

      Hi Barbara, thanks for your comment! These are some GREAT tips for baking slow carb treats! Really appreciate you sharing your experience!

  • Shannon says:

    Can you use black beans in place of chickpeas? Prior to starting the SCD, I made brownies with black beans so curious if it would work here.

  • zoe says:

    This is a really good recipe. The zucchini and baking powder keep the muffins moist and light. I like my snacks to do double-duty (I only have 3 meals but do love to graze) so I added chocolate whey protein powder instead of cocoa powder (mine is sweetened so I took that into account – but I have seriously cut down my Splenda use throughout the day), cinnamon, and green super nutrient powder (nasty mixed with water but fine in this). Four mini-muffins give me 20g of protein and a total chocolate hit!

    • Luke Starbuck says:

      Thanks Zoe, it’s great to get feedback on the recipes we post!

      The chocolate whey powder idea is very interesting! What a great modification, especially with the greens powder! Thanks for sharing.

      All the best,

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