Great results; a few hitches

Its been a couple weeks of great results! I’ve been really happy with losing about 10 lbs and having a ton of energy. Unfortunately, I’ve had some other results come along with it…

I began to notice a lot of stomach discomfort that then evolved into nausea at the sight, smell or thought of any meat or beans, or just the over-all smell of a meal. As the week went on this developed into actual throwing up at the smell or taste of food… it came to the point that there was no other choice but to eat pieces of bread (which was the only thing that calmed my stomach). Other than not being able to stomach my food, my biggest issue has been the return of ovarian cysts. It took a lot of work many months ago to create a healthy lifestyle that did not allow cysts to be an issue for me anymore, but after eating the diet I have been eating (which, one would think, is equally healthy) they came back WAY worse than before. I hope no one else is experiencing any issues like these! It looks like a lot of it could be due to eating so many eggs!

I’m going to start working on a new diet for me to allow the foods that don’t make me sick but still give ample protein and carbohydrates that will digest slowly. Looking through the 4-Hour Body Luke and I have been thinking about our ratios of diet, supplements, and exercise. For the last couple weeks mine was just diet, so that’s where we’re going to start first; adjusting my ratio.

I’ll blog soon to let you know what’s been working for me. I want to add: to those of you we’re hearing from who are working away on the Slow Carb diet, I’m so excited for you all! Way to go! I would love to hear more about the success or the trials you are going through. We can figure out these barriers if we all share our experiences!

Chat soon. icon smile Great results; a few hitches

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7 Responses to Great results; a few hitches

  • Desiree says:

    I’m not doing 4HB, but don’t eat grains or sugar for the same reasons as 4HB. Curious if the return of your cysts may be due to increased consumption of hormones if you’re eating way more meat/eggs than you used to. Have you tried making those products hormone free?

    • Kat says:

      Hi Desiree thanks for your comment.
      Some research we’ve done did mention hormones, but the focus was on the protein component, and also some other things with the meat and eggs especially. So for now, I’m staying at a distance from both and things are going well. I have tried organic meats, and they had the same result, so for the time being I’ll just limit those things while things settle.
      Thanks again! Kat

  • jill says:


    First, thank you for your website! It has been extremely helpful in figuring out the finer points of this diet.

    I have two questions:
    1) I have a five month old and he gets up at 5am for a feeding. He goes right back to sleep after his bottle and so do I. I have been trying to do the 30 grams of protien at this wake period but can barely get anything down. I would rather eat my morning breakfast at my normal wake time but am worried it will give poor results. I would like to know your opinion on whether or not you feel i could skip eating until I am actually awake at my normal time. The 5 am feeding lasts start to finish about 1/2 hour.
    2) I am mid way through week two. Week one I lost a total of 3.9 pounds but gained every last ounce back after cheat day and now am only down 1 pound total as of this morning. I was so excited after week one but am getting a little down about the current weight total. I am following the diet with the exception of cheat day (after reading your cheat day sheet) I will adjust and make better choices that day. I drink more than enough water and am taking my supplements. I have not been excersing but have done the occasional squats and wall presses.

    Thanks for your help!

    • Luke says:

      Hi Jill,

      Firstly congratulations on your little boy. And secondly, thanks for leaving your comment and questions – I know how busy new moms are!!

      The answer to question 1 is effectively ‘test each out and see what works’ as I am not familiar with a similar situation. What I can recommend, however, is that if you’re thinking it’s not much like really getting up and going at 5am, then chances you you’re body isn’t really getting up and going at that time. I think running a test for 2 weeks where you treat your morning breakfast as the first meal you have to start your day, and think of your 5am disturbance as part of your sleep period.
      To answer your second question, results do vary a lot between people, and everyone’s body is different. Of course we all want to see good results to begin with, as it is this that let’s us know we have made a wise choice in this diet. What I can suggest is that you trust yourself that you’ve made a good choice, and believe that over time, things will change. Over a month, 2 months, and 3 months, things will definitely trend in the direction you want them to if you follow the principles. There are now literally thousands of results out there that prove this is an excellent healthy choice for losing unwanted body fat. I think it sounds like you’re off to a great start.

      All the best to you and your little man.

  • Aaron says:

    I started the 4HB on January 23, 2012. Starting this Monday, (I binged SuperBowl Sunday the day before)I have had the exact same nausea syptoms you described in the post. I can actually eat canned drainied black beans that have been microwaved for about 2 minutes in a little fresh water. But other than those beans everything is making quesy. The funny thing is I’m not that hungry. Today is Thursday, so this has be going on about 4 days. I can only eat “at” food.

    How did you change your diet?

    • Luke says:

      Hey Aaron,

      As a test, you might like to try a fasting day, where you get up in the morning, and drink cold water, and green tea all day, and see how you’re doing around 4pm or 6pm. If you’re feeling hungry, then get into a full slow carb meal. If not, then go until the next morning. By then, you should have your hunger returned, and hopefully the nausea has passed. Regardless, make sure you start eating again this morning, and if you’re still not feeling well, then I would seek medical attention – queasiness can be a symptom of a digestive illness and something that would need to be looked at further by a healthcare professional (examples include stomach ulcer, bile duct problems, etc).

      All the best! Hope you’re feeling better soon.

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