5 Questions and Answers with us

We were contacted earlier this week, after a fellow 4 Hour Body blogger, Brian at 4hbtalk mentioned us in a question and answer session. We really appreciate the community that’s developed and is still developing around the Four Hour Body, there’s so many great tips floating around between everyone, it really makes it easier for people to get into the slow carb diet and all the other things mentioned in the book (which might sound a bit crazy at first!).

So, we sat down and shared what it’s been like for us so far, some of our tips, and what’s been difficult with the guys at Pareto. We hope gives people a good idea of what they can expect, if they’re still thinking about starting, or some ideas and shared experiences for those who are doing it at the moment.

Find out what’s been easy, what’s been hard, and our top tips for success. Check it out – 5 Questions and Answers with The Four Hour Body Couple

Let us know if there’s more questions you have! We’re compiling our FAQ’s, and will post them all soon!

Thanks for reading, Kat.

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