4 Hour Body Cheat Sheet: Occam’s Protocol Workout Sheet

Hey everyone, as it’s time for me to start on the Occam’s Protocol workout, I wanted to share with everyone the ‘cheat sheet’ that I’ve made up to take to the gym with me. Basically, it’s the short-version of the 2 chapters, combined.

This Cheat Sheet includes all the general guidelines, eating guidelines and the workouts themselves.

Of course, if you’re not familiar with the workout moves themselves, then consult the book, but I think most people will be clear on what’s involved.

I still can’t believe I’ll be going to the gym to do this little.. and doing more is always tempting. However, in the name of experimentation, I will be sticking to this routine, including taking PAGG, L-Glutamine and Creatine during the course of 6 weeks. We will see how this progresses – but Tim advises 2.5lbs of lean mass gain/week. That would take me from 150 to 165 pounds in 6 weeks.. I think that’s doable, especially considering I have been up around 165 previously (though not as lean as I would have liked).

You can download the pdf file here:

Download it here: 4 Hour Body Couple – Cheat Sheet – Occam’s Protocol Workout Sheet

Let me know if you have any questions, or comments! This is a great workout series to follow, and I think you’ll be amazed with the results.

All the best with your workouts.

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57 Responses to 4 Hour Body Cheat Sheet: Occam’s Protocol Workout Sheet

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  • Tomer says:

    What I don’t get are the optional exercises (-Kettlebell swings , Bosu ball abs , Cat vomit ) in ADDITION to the base A & B workouts or are they supposed to Replace, the squat and barbell overhead press respectively?

    Thnx for the cheatsheet, great job on the 4hb project – keep up the good work!

    • Luke says:

      Hey Tomer, thanks for your comments!
      The optional exercises are in addition to the base A & B Workouts. Have a look at the following post – check out the two graphs, they list all the exercises I’m doing in each of the A & B workouts: http://www.fourhourbodycouple.com/2011/03/01/want-results-2-weeks-on-occams-protocol-results/
      All the best!

      • Tomer says:

        checked it out – it looks impressive

        I’ve been doing Occam’s for a month – 5 A’s 4 B’s – and there have been steady gains in weight lifted. (Although I haven’t been doing squats in the B protocol – have to add them)

        But it seems like I’m plateauing last a &b I have only succeeded doing 6 reps in overhead press and bench respectively,

        I think it’s either my diet – I think I’m still stuck on slow carb and haven;t adjusted to Occam’s diet.

        Also, I suspect Iv’e changed to 3 days between exercises too early.

        I’ll start measuring my weight and increase food intake and see how it goes

        good luck and keep up the good work!

        • Luke says:

          Hey Tomer thanks for your comment!

          This is really interesting to me, because I have found a bit of a plateau too, at around the same time period. I think we might have started our workouts at the same time!

          I think that the fault for me has been eating – during the last week, since Wednesday, I decided to make my protein drinks with milk, not water. I did a quick calorie calculation, and realized I was quite a way under what the book recommends for gaining muscle. On top of this, in general, I have gained almost 10 lbs of body mass, since I was eating slow carb, so that’s a lot more body to feed every day, and I wasn’t really eating that much extra. Still on 1 can beans, etc.

          So now, I am doing 1/2 cup (before cooking) of rice with 2 lunch meals, 1/2 cup red split lentils (before cooking) with breakfast. Also, 1 protein shake per day – 1/2 morning, 1/2 night, PLUS 1 protein shake mid-morning, and some days in the afternoon too. I calculated this should get my calories up quite a lot, and hopefully I see more muscles growing, my body weight going up and my lifts improving. I know what you mean about going to 3 days rest, however I’ve done a couple of 4 day rests and they seemed to help.

          My other suggestion – bring in a cell phone, or watch with very large digits, or get a spotter to count out your cadence for you. Doing this you may need to use lighter weights – I dropped mine back a little bit, but my fatigue and muscle soreness was much higher than the week before. So I figure combining that with the extra food should really help things along. This month I’m not going to be concerned with any fat gain as I try to gain more muscle (though I haven’t seen any fat gain at all!)

          All the best,

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  • Sam nash says:

    Hi there I got the four hour body three days ago and I am setting my self up for octoms protocol but I can’t seem to get my head around the fact that it’s just 3 exercises per workout at one set of 7( with the exceptions) this will work out to like no more than 10 Nina actually exercising is this right? Thanks Sam

    • Luke says:

      Hi Sam,

      It is pretty mind blowing to think about only doing these exercises.
      Each workout, as prescribed, should total around 20 minutes in the gym.
      This works out like this:
      Short warmup: 3-5mins
      Load/re-load weights: 2-3 mins
      Do ‘injury-check’ set of 3 reps: 1 min total
      Work set for 2 weights: 140-170 seconds / 2.5-3 minutes
      Rest between: 3 mins
      Workout a:
      Cat vomit following cadence: around 4.5 minutes
      Myotatic crunch following cadence: around 4 minutes
      Workout b:
      Kettlebell swings: around 4 minutes
      Bike warmdown: 3 mins

      So you get a total for each of between 17 – 20 mins.

      The key to the muscle growth is how hard you push in that time, and then how well you rest and refuel after that.
      Your first workout will be longer, due to figuring out your starting weight. Though it’s not recommended, I have asthma and tend to not have optimum oxygen at the start of my workout, so I have gone back and done a second set to failure a few times, when I can feel that I’ve been very tight to begin with. (Asthma tends to ease after 10 mins of heavy work, then a short rest after that).

      All the best with it!!

  • Sam nash says:

    Thanks very much for the help that has cleared things up alot. How do you think is the best way to work out your starting weight? Sam

    • Luke says:

      Hey Sam,
      Getting started is a bit of a longer process, but we include a little guide – bottom left corner of page two of the PDF file – Cheat Sheet – Occam’s Protocol Workout Sheet.

      All the best!

  • Hey guys. Thanks for this cheat-sheet. Something I don’t understand though:
    In the book, Tim writes: “The following A and B workouts are alternated, whether you choose the machine or free weight option.
    The exercises should be performed for one set each and no more.”
    Yet in your cheat-sheet you state at the bottom of page two: “Do A & B workouts twice each with 2 days rest between, then rest = 3 days”
    So you’re suggesting I do each A & B workout (machine or free weight option) twice in one day, when Tim says not to do it for more than one set each?
    I hope I have something confused and you can explain it to me. Thank you!

    • Luke says:

      Hey Shawn,

      Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for the question – I’ll update the cheat sheet.

      What we mean is that you do each of the A and B workouts with two days rest between each workout, then change to having 3 rest days.
      For example, A on Monday, B on Thursday, A on Sunday, B on Wednesday, then A on Sunday, etc.

      All the best!

  • Heidi says:

    I have been working pretty hard at this 4hourbody meal plan and not lost much weight. However, I do feel like I have lost fat when I see myself in my clothing. Is there a time period like this that’s common? is it common to loose fat before pounds? Sounds stupid but looking for some answers

  • Jen says:

    Hi Kat & Luke,
    Can I ask is Kat doing this same workout? I have read the book and it doesn’t seem to differentiate as to whether women are ok to do the Occam’s Protocol as well.

    Any tips on how to modify for ladies would be greatly appreciated. :) Thanks so much!

    • Luke says:

      Hi Jen,
      Good question, and thanks for asking it.
      Kat isn’t doing the Occam’s Protocol workouts. Currently, she’s spending some time on moderate cardio exercise, in 20 min sessions, mainly, with some kettlebells as well.

      I believe women are perfectly fine to do the Occam’s Protocol workout, as the lifting, if you start with weights that work for you, is a great all over body conditioning workout, and women naturally don’t develop the muscle mass men do (and hence shouldn’t have a negative affect on desirable figure, whilst adding strength). You could also take a look at some of the stretches that are prescribed by Tim, and read the section on the hourglass figure as it relates to women (around the kettlebell section).

      All the best!

  • Jay says:

    Thanks for a great site guys.
    I am two weeks in and am seeing some great progress – the only thing I cannot find (or I missed in my readings) – are Tim’s suggestion for cardio 2 x / week – can you advise his – your suggestions?

    I am going from spending 5 hours per week in the gym to about half of that and feel great.

    Thanks for a great website!!!

    • Luke says:

      Hey Jay thanks for your comment! Really stoked you like our site :)

      Glad to hear you’ve got started and are getting some results already! Congrats! The 2x /week cardio thing is really derived from discussions, blog posts, comments, etc.. including things Tim has mentioned about not overdoing the exercise. It seems like slow carb works best with moderate exercise. There are plenty of people we have worked with directly who have seen their results get better when they reduced their cardio/workout time in the gym. Stress is a big factor, and too much exercise = stress on the body. With no time to rest, this stress builds. It is as unhealthy as not doing any activity. Everything in moderation! If you’ve cut your gym time in half, that’s great! Depending on your goals, some amount of time between 1 hr and 3 hrs a week should be plenty. If you’re already pretty fit, consider doing some ramped cardio sessions – for 20 minutes, where you start with a warm up, then increase your intensity from 50% to 90%, 10% per minute including holding at 90% for 1 min, and then go from 60%-90%, 10% each minute holding again at 90% for 1 min, and do that cycle again, and then finally, 60% to 90%, 10% each minute, then hold 90% for 1 min like the other times, then hold 100% for 1 min, then cool down. Should be a 20 min session, and you will be wiped. Do this 2 or 3 times a week and you’ve done enough cardio! Add in 2 short resistance (weights) workouts, and you are maxing out your effort level.

      All the best!

  • Jeremy says:

    I’m just starting the path down the 4 Hour Body. I really only have time to go to the gym first thing in the morning ( with my work schedule, and how crowded my gym gets at night, the morning is just all that better for me ). Reading the book it is mentioned numerous times that you need to eat within 30 minutes of waking up, but that’s usually when I’m headed to the gym. Then I come home, shower, and get ready for the day, having breakfast. Should I have some small protein before I go to the gym ( like 1 egg or so ), then have a real breakfast after my workout?

    Maybe the book addresses my question, but I haven’t gotten through it yet, and searches on the net really haven’t gotten me the answer I’m looking for.


    • Luke says:

      Hey Jeremy, great question. I would definitely advise having protein before your gym workout, and if you’re doing a really intense weights workout, like Occam’s Protocol, you might be actually starting to drink the shake before you go, and then finishing it during your workout.
      After that, I would have a breakfast that’s a little smaller than average – so for example 2 eggs, 1/2 cup-1 cup of beans, and some spinach/broccoli.
      All the best!

      • Jeremy says:

        Thanks for the reply. I’ve changed my routine to where I get up a few minutes earlier, have 1/2 a protein shake before the gym, hit the gym for an hour ( 30/30 weights & cardio ), then home to finish the shake. Then shower, then have breakfast. My body has been accepting of it, and things are going good so far.

        Thanks again for the info.


        • Luke says:

          Great to hear Jeremy! Sounds like a good way to go about things, and I’m glad to hear that it’s working for you.

          All the very best with your training, and thanks for leaving your follow up comment.

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  • Hey I just started the protocol today. Few questions…
    - Do you have progress pics, I’d love to see that as I can’t find much online?
    - Do you get DOMS with this protocol as I don’t know what to expect?
    - I have to walk hills nearly everyday for about 40 minutes (out of the gym) which I still consider cardio… do you think this will interfere with the workout?

    I know thats a lot of questions but you guys sound really friends on this site so hey!

    Thanx a lot for the cheat sheets too ;o)

    • Luke says:

      Hey thanks for your questions!

      - Though pictures tell a story, so do inches, measurements and reports. I undertook Occam’s protocol for a few months, and you’ll find my results here on the site – in strength gains and in weight. To be honest, the pictures don’t look a lot different, because I lost some fat, gained quite a bit of muscle, but in reality, I look substantially different – it doesn’t show in photos though. I’m not working to be really huge, so my out diameter changes aren’t big.
      - With Occam’s, you will be very likely to get DOMS – and it’s just one sign that you need rest. Never workout if you still feel an ache.
      - Walking that much each day may slow your gains – Occam’s is about building up muscle, and you need rest to do that. My best gains with weights workouts this year have been when I haven’t been doing any cardio. That said, if you avoid doing weights with your legs (because they will never get a chance to properly recover), and ensure you’re eating enough, considering your activity level, you should still gain well with this program.

      Thanks again for getting in touch, and all the best with it! Glad the cheat sheets are handy for you ;)

  • Jean says:

    Hi Luke

    I have been studying the book pretty vigourously and have started the ‘adding muscle’ program today. I must say the book has been very interesting and have enjoyed reading it. My problem is that there are so many workouts listed in the muscle building section, that it becomes a bit overwhelming and confusing to know which workouts I can mix and match. I see that workouts range from 2-4 set exercises in The Kiwi’s complete A/B workout which includes romanian deadlifts, chin ups etc to Tims actual workout covered in the Geek to Freak section which includes things like calf raises, machine crunches etc. So i guess my question is, can i add exercises like seated calf raises, flying dog, two-legged glute activation raises, romanian deadlifts, reverse drag curl etc to the current Occams protocol’s A/B workout, which doesnt seem to focus much on calf, glute or bicep workouts. Baring in mind that I would be choosing the Machine workout option (as I usually gym alone).

    I am a 27 year old male, 5’7 and weigh around 77.5 Kg’s and around 13-15% body fat. I would really appreciate the help/advice. Thanks so much.


    • Luke says:

      Hey Jean,
      Thanks for your questions. I’d suggest at the moment that Occam’s Protocol for a couple of months, with the 2 ab exercises that work (myotatic crunch and cat vomit) would be ideal. This will gain you good amounts of muscle, and get your body ready for more localized training, like what you’ve mentioned. Occam’s is a minimalist protocol that gets most of the results with much less time in the gym. You may want to go from Occam’s onto the ‘Forgotten 3rd workout option’ after a couple of months – http://www.fourhourbodycouple.com/2011/10/05/forgotten-4hb-four-hour-body-workout-revealed/ – this is what I use and really like. You might like to try it or the Geek to Freak program after a couple of months of training.
      I personally would leave out those other exercises for now, and build a platform of strength with compound exercises. Then broaden the workouts to include a few different movements. You could add in the bicep curls that Tim mentions also, but the key is to not spend longer than around 30 minutes in the gym per session.
      All the best!

      • Jean says:

        Hey Luke

        Thanks for the suggestions and apologies for the late response, had a problem trying to post a reply a few months ago.

        Before I address some issues I have had, I’d like to give you an update on what I have tried thus far. I did Occams for two weeks as a building phase where I put on 3.5 kg’s which I was happy with (even though I had visibly gained some extra fat) and then I stuck with Occams for another two/three weeks but this time I omitted the milk and carbs and only stuck with the protein and vegetables as part of a fat loss period, where I lost 2 kg’s in the first week but then hardly anything for the next two weeks, which got me rather disappointed and upset. During the fat loss period I didn’t have the strength to increase weights, which is understandable due to the lower calorie intake.

        I live in South Africa where I was unable to get the appropriatte aged garlic extract with the Sallyl cysteine and allicin content. Could this have been the cause for the lack of fat loss during week 2 and 3? I did no cardio for the entire duration. I literally followed every aspect of the book except cold exposure. From the Yerba Mate tea, cinnamin in coffee and everything in damage control to the PAGG stack, 7.2 grams of cissus quadrangularis on cheat days, water intake etc. I don’t have exact measurements as I was also let down by the guy who took my first caliper measurement at the beginning of the program, as he wasn’t available to take my after measurements. But from watching the scale and trusting my eyes, I had felt as if I had hit a fat loss plateau.

        Since all my previous gym programs had more variation than occams, I also noticed myself only gaining more mass in specific regions of my body and not entirely all-round. Hence I actually witnessed a lack of ‘tone’ and felt a lack of an all-round workout during this building phase, especially in my shoulders. I was doing the machine shoulder press and lat pull down for A and the squat and incline bench press for B.

        However, at this point I am not too interested in mass gains and am looking for something where I could slowly build consistent all-round muscle whilst maximising fat loss to its full potential. I am also going to incorporate the cold exposure to help assist with this.

        Since I haven’t been to the gym for around 3 months now, should I start occams protocol again or should I try the split sets workout? If I should stick with Occams, should I add reverse drag curl and seated calf raises into occams protocol? Or what would you recommend?

        Thanks again man and I would greatly appreciate any further help.

        • Luke says:

          Hey Jean,

          Sounds like you tried a couple of things, and got some results. I think each phase was far too short. For a gaining phase, I’d suggest 8 weeks. For a fat loss phase, I’d suggest 8 weeks, and then check progress. It depends on how much you want to lose, of course. It may take longer.

          I think you have the routines well organized – though you mentioned doing veges and protein during fat loss – are you still eating beans? I hope so. They’re a key part of the slow carb diet.

          If your focus is truly on fat loss, I would suggest not incorporating one of the weights routines, rather I would suggest a combination of kettlebell swings and some of the other exercises, like flying dog, myotatic crunch and cat vomit a few times a week, and then a couple of short, but intense cardio sessions each week.

          Once you have achieved your fat loss goal, then you may want to add in a weights routine, I find the split sets is a little more complete than Occam’s Protocol.

          All the best,

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  • Jean says:

    Yeah I did have the beans and still have them everyday.

    Can I assume that there are a minimum number of calories I must consume to avoid any catabolic effects?

    My goal has always been to be able to maintain a 6-7% body fat percentage but I have only achieved this once whilst on ECA stack – which came with obvious side effects.

    Regarding the cold exposure, is there a minimum temperature the water has to be? Living in a tropical climate, the water here only drops to 21 degrees celcius. Will a cold shower at this temperature have any fat loss benefits? I don’t have a bath.

    Thanks again!

    • Luke says:

      Hi Jean,

      Minimum calories can be debated, however for you, I would suggest 1600 per day would be the bare minimum. But fat loss on slow carb doesn’t rely on keeping calories to a set minimum- actually it’s a great opportunity to learn how to listen to your hunger, which is a skill that will serve you well for life.
      Think more about eating an adequate amount of food to keep your energy up, and keep any hunger pangs away, and you’re eating about the right amount.
      6-7% bodyfat is incredibly low, and unless you’re genetically inclined to be close to that, it may be an unrealistic goal, or at least one that if pursued, will dominate your life with routines and to-dos, to achieve. Unless you’re making your living from your body (modeling, acting, etc), then this level of bodyfat may be quite impractical, if you enjoy any kind of lifestyle as well as training and eating. Consider perhaps 9-10%, which offers a great first impression, whilst being a lot more practical to maintain (indeed even perhaps with slow carb and a couple of weights sessions per week, plus 1 or 2 short interval training sessions).
      Cold exposure relies on water that’s below 60F, or 15.5C. Realistically, Tim mentions ice baths for a reason – that equates to a water temperature around 4 degrees. A cold shower at around 10 degrees will certainly have an impact, but 21 is too close to body temperature. I think you’d be better off using an ice pack across your trapezius muscles (click here for a location guide), each evening for 30 minutes.

      All the best!

  • Jean says:

    Hey Luke

    I guess, to an extent, it already dominates my life. I am a musician and do a little photographic modelling (I’m a short arse) for extra cash. I’ll incorporate the split sets routine into my program along with two/three high intensity cardio sessions, as well as the ice pack on my back in the evenings. I will let you know my progress over the course of a couple months. To my surprise, I measured at 10.14% body fat today with some high quality calipers. Thanks for all your suggestions and insight!


    • Luke says:

      Hi Jean,
      You’re very welcome! If you incorporate the split sets routine, you’ll probably be in the gym around 2x each week. I would stick with 1 or 2 HIIT cardio sessions, and shorts ones too, per week, for optimal recovery and muscle growth.

      All the best,

  • Robert says:

    hi! great site

    i got one qestion but don’t laugh ok? :D

    q: can i do any workout from 4hb book if i do beachbody insanity 6 days/week (and i plan to start beachbody asylum in the summer)? currently my endurance is getting really good but i still got little bellyfat to lose. my end goal is to burn that fat, get in shape, you know, be nice lean and cut (not big). like lifeguards for example

    4hb workouts got me really intrigued but i have no idea how to lose fat and build some muscles at the same time. don’t both cancel each other out?

    tnx in advance

    • Luke says:

      Hey Robert,
      thanks for your question.
      I’m not extremely familiar with the beachbody workouts, however generally anything with the term ‘insanity’, or anything that recommends 6 workouts per week is something I’d steer clear of, much like P90X. Too much exercise can easily lead to overtraining and excess cortisol which leads to belly fat that won’t disappear. Very common problem in fact.
      If you’re looking to get cut, it depend on where you are right now. If you think your muscle level is adequate, then you could easily kill most of your workouts, follow slow carb strictly, and do 1 or 2 HIIT sessions per week (no more than 20 mins), and 1 or 2 weights sessions per week. If you only have a little bit of fat to lose, you should be looking very good in 4-8 weeks. Keep at this protocol, along with getting plenty of sleep, reducing stress, and there’s a good chance the belly fat will disappear. Leanness and bodyfat I would attribute 80% to nutrition, and 20% to activity. Having got down to low percentages a couple of times, it was not when I was challenged physically every day, and it was definitely not when I was involved in endurance type workouts or exercise.

      All the best,

      • Robert says:


        right now i have a bit too much fat in belly/chest area only. i estimate about 5kg. the rest of my body is lean. a good example is the picture of trevor newell (from 4hb book, body fat sections, male examples). i look exactly like him in the 19% bodyfat picture.

        my goal is to build muscles and get to 10-9% bodyfat like in the picture.

        can i follow any training methods from 4hb book or better stick to regular workout? i read that the best way for fat loss is diet + lifting weights + occasional cardio. really?

        i’m kind of confused

        • Luke says:

          Hi Robert,
          A pretty common point to be at, and a great starting point to reduce bodyfat and really see the effects.
          You have actually answered your own question, believe it or not. But I firmly believe that fat loss is 80% nutrition, 20% workouts. I have had periods of fat loss, coming down to 9-10% where I was only active 2-3 times per week, for 20-30 minutes per session.
          I recommend looking at ways to reduce cortisol levels (reduce stress, increase sleep), to ensure that won’t hold back your progress, and then focus on slow carb – strictly, plus Occam’s protocol weights (not Occam’s Feeding). You may want to incorporate 1x HIIT session per week, but for fat loss, you could in fact omit the Occam’s workouts and the HIIT, though you wouldn’t be as healthy when you achieved your lower bodyfat goal.

          All the best,

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  • jesse says:

    i just started the slo carb this morning along with the PAGG supplements, one quick question is i work over nights so my sleep schedule is backwards, i sleep from 7am till around 2 or 3 pm usually and revert back to a regular sleep sched on my days off, will this inhibit the slo carb protocol or do you have any suggestions that i may do? thanks!

    • Luke says:

      Hey Jesse,

      Working nights is tough. You’re actually better off to keep the same sleep schedule all week long. This is because there are 24 hormone cycles in your body that need to be able to predict your sleep times. Without this predictability, hormones can get out of balance, and can actually make it a lot harder for you to lose weight, and actually sometimes easier to put it on.

      All the best,

  • Simon says:

    Hey Luke!
    I just came around your page and was wondering if you could help me with this question: I followed the Occam’s training plan (and feeding) for a couple of weeks and got extreme results, but how can I keep all this weight ;) ?

    Would appreciate your help..



    • Luke says:

      Hey Simon,
      It can be tricky! You need to continue to workout, and EAT for a while. The body has a ‘set point’ (very unscientific term) where it seems comfortable, and it takes time for this set point to shift. So otherwise, you’ll be likely to drift back to old eating habits, and come back down in your weight.

      All the best,

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