Kat – Another try

Well, after a lot of testing and trying everything in the ‘book’, I think we’ve come to an answer to my problems with how sick I’ve been getting. At least… I’m going to give our new answer a shot.

For any of you that are having the same symptoms as I was talking about in my last blog post, you might want to start looking into stomach acid issues; too much, to be exact. For my symptoms: Upset stomach, heart pain, cramps, nausea after eating, during eating, at the thought of eating… I couldn’t eat enough food to get 30g of protein in a meal so wasn’t able to only eat 4 times a day… my last 3 or 4 weeks have been really tough, and I’ve been very hungry.

Yesterday Luke and I went for our weekly shop and I got a lot of things to start a new way of eating that focuses on easy digestion, small, frequent meals, and things that are easy to pack with me for teaching. I can’t tell you how excited I am. Crazy as it sounds, but I have never been able to stomach big meals a couple times a day. Now that we’re looking into my stomach acid issues, its turning out that my body has been trying to solve my issues my whole life by craving small frequent meals, and a lot of bread: as bread soaks up more acid, relieving my symptoms. I’m really relieved to feel that it’s “okay” to eat more times during the day.

Things on my shopping list were:

Rice Cakes
Extra Lean Ground Beef
No Fat Cream Cheese
High Fiber Cereal
Multi Grain Bread
Multi Grain Bagels
No Fat Yogurt
… and more to come once I do more research.

The main things I’m looking for is small portions of low to no-fat, easy-to-digest-foods. My stomach is creating too much acid and so, is having a lot of problems with big meals of longer-digesting foods. And large amounts of fat in the food makes it much worse. Dairy is pretty much out… though I bought skim milk if I feel like having a small bowl of cereal every now and then.

Today has been my first day of eating 5 to 6 meals (though I’ve verged on 7). I’ve been pretty constantly hungry all day which hasn’t been pleasant, but am making sure that I eat as soon as I feel that hunger coming up. I’m going to have to work on how much to eat and how frequently… Because of that constant hunger I’ve been pretty tired and have enjoyed keeping to myself today, though I will say: I have had an incredibly productive day!

My meals today were: ( I can’t remember exact times, but it was about an hour and a half or so in between.)

1. Mulit-Grain Bagel with a bit of Lo-fat cream cheese
2. 1 packet of rice crisps (10 mini rice crisps)
3. Large spinach salad with homemade lemon balsamic vinegar dressing, Multi-grain bagel with no-fat herb and garlic cream cheese
4. 1 packet of rice crisps (10 mini rice crisps)
5. Bowl of cherios with apple
6. Bowl of no-fat Peach Yogurt
7. 3 extra lean meatballs, carrots, packet of 10 mini rice crisps

I have an explanation about the rice crisps. I bought a couple big bags and then separated 10 into little zip-lock bags. Now I can just grab a baggy and dump it into my purse when I’m going somewhere. Today I had a great lesson out-of-house because I had my baggie of rice crisps, a tupperware container with my spinach salad and a ziplock with my bagel. It was great. (Until I was hungry again).

I’ll keep you updated with how this goes. I think I can be successful if I make sure to keep my food stocks up. This week I’m going to try to make a kettle bell using the online “do-it-yourself” that Luke found a couple weeks ago. I’m taking PAGG and want to up the exercise. Even with this new diet I still REALLY want to be toning like I was hoping to get before. Nothing has made the results like the 2 weeks of successful Slow-Carb I had and I want that back!

I’d love to hear ideas or knowledge on all of this if anyone has anything to add!

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16 Responses to Kat – Another try

  • Jamie says:

    I’m confused about your diet. You’ve totally left the slow carb diet. Everything you are eating you shouldn’t be, according to the diet. Accept for the spinach. I think you’re feeling so hungry because you’re not eating enough protien. Eat more beans. Stop eating bread, even though it helps with your stomach issue. I’m assuming you’ve gone to a doctor about it. Can you eat eggs. Have you tried almond milk? It’s so good. I’ve been on the slow carb diet for 2 months now and lost about 35 lbs and eat as much as I want and never get hungry. I’m taking a week off and starting occam’s protocall. The only thing that will change in my diet is 2 extra protien shakes a day and maybe some rice. Tim says the secret is beans and he’s right. And no fruit. Good luck

    • Kat says:

      Hey Jamie! Thanks for your comment and congrats on doing so well! Sorry if I’ve confused you. I’m not trying to be on the Slow Carb Diet any longer as too much protein in my stomach is making me sick. I can’t eat beans at the moment, though I do try every week or so. I agree I’m hungry because I’m not getting enough protein, but that’s the reason I wrote my latest post, I can’t get enough at one sitting at the moment. I have been really disappointed that things haven’t worked out for me on Slow Carb, but I’m trying to remember that the book “Four Hour Body” isn’t about only one diet, but finding what works for you through experimenting with the knowledge Tim gives. I’ve found that going through the process of eating Slow Carb food has taught me an incredible amount about healthy living and what my body needs to live life to the fullest! Now I’m taking that knowledge and putting into what my body needs. I’ll be experimenting for a while now to figure out the perfect solution. ;) I’m so pumped that Slow Carb has worked for you and so many others! Keep it up!

    • Joey says:

      That’s great fat loss – 35lbs! I’ve been going for a few weeks now, and its going well but for all the different food compared to what I used to eat. I think maybe if you saw one of the older posts youd see that kat had problems with the slow carb food but is figuring out other ways to make it work.
      I want to try a few different things in the book but when I read it all I realized its not possible to do it all at once because some chapters say things that other chapters say are not good. so it depends on what you’re wanting I guess.

    • Luke says:

      Jamie your weight loss sounds great! Good stuff.
      I think the key with anyone’s Four Hour Body is experimentation. If you read through the whole book, you’ll find a lot of contradictory information, so then everyone has to figure out what bits to do for themselves. Realistically, it has to be what works for you, and what’s healthy. I’m having to avoid anything with gluten, and having to be careful around dairy too.. so the GOMAD (gallon of milk a day) isn’t something I’m going to try.. because it would be crazy to risk my health like that, even though the book says it’s a good thing to do!
      Really the best way to take the book is to use the information to your advantage, like you have. I think that’s what everyone’s working on doing, but some people get confused between the Four Hour Body and a slow carb diet – they’re not the same thing.
      All the best!

  • Cheri says:

    I too have had struggles with too much acid. I have been on prescription meds on & off over the last 5 yrs. I know longer take it. I did not like knowing they did not know what the long term side effects were. I had to figure out how to get through a day without taking them. I found on the web about taking a tbls of olive oil first thing when you get up. It does help. You can also take it before you go to bed.It has helped me a great deal to get a handle on things. Of course, the diet plays an important role also. Then I came across the 4 Hour Body. I started this 27 days ago. I am a 52 yr old female and have lost 15lbs so far. I feel better on the diet. Since I started the diet I have not had to use the olive oil any longer. I do however have to watch out for the spices I use as that can set things off as well. The trick is not to soak up the acid as to try to slow the production of it with the foods that set it off. I also don’t eat beef as that will set it off. I will have chicken, fish or turkey. I have been struggling with this for yrs & finally am in a good place with using the 4 Hour Body Diet. I also stay gluten free even on my cheat days as I found out that irritates it also. I just thought I would share what has worked for me as I know the misery you have been in. One more thing I found out is with apples. Organic ones don’t bother me, but regular ones do. My husband also started the diet with me & he has lost 10lbs so far, he will be 53 soon. He wants to loose another 10lbs. It is nice to have a companion on this journey! I am hoping to lose another 15. I also have fybromyalgia and I am not able to do much exercising, but when I feel well enough I try to. I know everyones body reacts differently to things so I wish you luck with your journey to good health!

  • Josephine Anker says:

    Today is my second cheat day and I wanted to share some thoughts. This is the end of the third week for me. The first week was a little mixed up and I had a lot of trouble eating so early in the morning and I literally forgot a few times. I can not eat four times a day – it is too difficult. I only lost 500gm that first week. I got a little smarter the second week and made up a heap of “pancakes” from 6 eggs and an extra 4 egg whites, and frozen finely chopped spinach. It worked a treat as all I had to do was grab the ‘pancakes’ as I got up in the morning. So now at the end of the third week I have not had a great weight loss – 2,5 kgs but I have lost a whole dress size and fit into clothes I have not worn for three years or more. It helps that I like beans and lentils and I do like cooking with them. My mainstay is salads though especially now that we are still having an very hot and humid summer in australia. I feel that this style of eating is something that I can stick to on a permanent basis. I am now off to town to have a coffee and cheesecake. Regards -

    • Kat says:

      Hi Josephine! Thanks for the great info, it sounds like you’ve really got a handle on how to treat your body properly, and allow it the time to “heal” after one of your cheat days! I’m so excited for your progress, though you feel its slow, but its somewhere! I’ve just begun losing weight again and its feels wonderful. I have been been making tons of salads, also, and have enjoyed every day of them. Congratulations on all of your progress! Hope we hear more from you in the future! – Kat

  • Tom Henderson says:

    I really don’t think going to “easy to digest” carbs is the right answer. What I would recommend is going to smaller meals but increasing your percentage of fat calories. You particularly want to avoid lean meats but if you have reasons to avoid animal fats, then I would go with ghee (still an animal fat I know), coconut oil, Macadamina nut oil and olive oil as well as fatty fish. I know you’ve been told for most of your life that oil upsets your stomach, but if you avoid trans-fats and “vegetable” (rapeseed) oil may find a very different result. Don’t worry about weight issues either, I’ve been steadily losing weight using the slow carb diet paleo edition without limiting these fats in any way.

    Another thing to consider if your stomach problems have really become chronic recently is that you may have a bacterial infection. The bacteria that cause stomach ulcers (Helicobacter pylori) can really do a number on your digestion, and can be cleared up with a simple antibiotic treatment. If your leary of antibiotics there are some natural remedies you can try as well.

    Hope things work out for you.

    Tom H

    • Kat says:

      Hi Tom thanks for your thoughts. My first concern was energy, as the lack of food was really being a problem. So that’s been addressed, whilst also concentrating on being healthier overall. So far so good.

      The key issue was the stomach acid, and all our research pointed to limiting fats as a way to alleviate that issue, to allow things to settle down. Higher fat meals, whether they were natural oils or animal fats were causing real discomfort at times.

      You’re right about the bacterial infection, and that’s definitely something that we’re aware of. Currently, the changes I’ve made have brought some very positive results, and it’s a relief compared to a few weeks ago when things were not good most of the time. Looking forward, there may be other changes I make along the way, depending on how my body is feeling.

      Thanks again for your comment, I really appreciate it.

  • mark says:

    hey kat…

    have you looked into probiotics??? im just throwing it out there.. it might be worth looking into…

    im going to be trying it out… as im not “going” as regulary as used to be, before the diet… and i dont want my bowels bailing out on me…

    also.. im sure you already thought about it… but how about a protein shake with meals (as low on sugar and latose as you can find) if you cant get the protein you want through meals??

    all the best

  • M.A. says:

    Have you tried removing grains? Check out robbwolf.com

  • Rima says:

    Hello Kat,

    I’m 6’4″ – 122lbs – 23 years old. Started the 4hb 5 days ago.
    I’ve been experiencing massive changes in just 5 days that i have started the 4hb. I don’t have anything to do with acidity or digestion but probably hormonal ( ? ). I’ve been experiencing intense pre-menstrual symptoms ( extreemely heavy, painful & bloated breasts, lower back pains, the usual 1-2 “period-pimple”… ) when i am about 3 weeks away from my next mentruation!!
    Any thoughts? Its most probably hormonal, but i’m not sure what’s going on and it’s getting so uncomfortable.

    • Kat says:

      Hi Rima! I’m so sorry you’re going through so much pain straight into Slow Carb. Its not unheard of to be having these issues; I’ve heard from quite a few women now, talking about how Slow Carb affects their PMS pains and symptoms.

      Unfortunately, I think there are some of us that get these symptoms while on the diet. There’s a big chance that your body is “re-starting”, ie: New diet = new chemical balance, new intestinal workout (digesting higher protein), and an over-all difference in energy/routine causes a massive change in your body’s way of surviving. If you have been living quite differently for a while (no routine eating/higher fat and suger), your body could be adjusting to the new life-style. In this case, take your next couple weeks as a test, charting how you feel for a period of time to then re-asses how you feel and if your body is beginning to settle into the new routine. Its incredible how giving your body ALL that it needs makes such an intense change!

      When I was starting Slow Carb for the second time I was having trouble with cramps and my period coming for a week and then off a week, then come back a week later! It was crazy and super painful so I went to my doctor and it turned out the eggs in my diet (and other higher fat foods) were causing ovarian cysts. If your symptoms persist then you should see your doctor and have a professional’s opinion.

      Good luck with everything, and let me know how it goes!

      Kat xo

      • Rima says:

        Hello kat!
        Thank you for the quick response.
        Actually, i ended up getting my period !! So basically i’m having them for the second time this month (10 days apart)! That’s crazy…
        The thing is that my food habbits before the 4hbody weren’t bad really. I was very carefull, and ate mostly vegetables, fruit, nuts, dried fruits, a couple of rice cakes/day, tuna…
        The only really big change is that now with the 4hour body i’ve added beans to my regimen and a lot more protein..
        I’m going to go see my doctor and try and get some answer.
        Will keep you posted.

        Rima xxx

  • Anna says:

    Hi Kat!
    Are you feeling better? I’ve had some issues with the 4HB diet. I’ve lost 20lbs since the beginning the diet the end of April, but also added Zumba classes. I’ve seen my doctor about stomach issues. She told me to stick with the diet for a while (no adding grains or fruit as I did when I wasn’t feeling well) simply because the diet restricts so much, to see if it was something that I was eating on 4HB. Getting more blood work, etc. so we’ll see. I’ve also had menstrual problems, being diagnosed with PCOS, but haven’t had any on the diet.

    I want to encourage you to do what is best for you. Don’t worry about following a specific diet. Tim said that women will see different results, maybe this is something that he could research further. If you feel better eating bread, eat it! Don’t worry, lightening will not come out of the sky and strike you down! Stay healthy!

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