How to explain the Four Hour Body to friends and family

Two months has come up fast – and I take a step back this week to have a think about where we started on January 1. We had just experienced the headaches, nausea and illness that you can read about on many websites where people discuss ‘cleanses’ and ‘herbal detoxes’.

Thankfully, we came across The Four Hour Body after the first 10 days, otherwise we would have endured another 5 days of eating meager amounts of food and dealing with random mood swings. What we did learn, however, was just how much of an effect what food you put into your body creates in all parts of life – mood, energy, concentration, productivity, enjoyment, and the list goes on.

So with that fresh experience, we decided to get into the Four Hour Body lifestyle. Starting with slow carb, and then planning to incorporate more of what we decided was appropriate to us specifically. We weren’t interested in testing every single part of the book – that’s already been done. We wanted to see if the things we chose would apply to us, and help us reach the goals we set.

It has been a really interesting couple of months so far – going through the challenges, finding the ways to make things work and learning a lot along the way. We’ve also had great experiences, meeting lots of people who are interested in being healthier, and hearing from lots of people about their experiences.

One thing that doesn’t change – when someone asks you why you’re eating beans, meat and vegetables for lunch, or why you are being careful with a restaurant menu, there’s no 5 word answer that satisfies anyone. Like some kind of unspoken desire, as soon as people get the tip of the iceberg, we’re finding the questions come flying thick and fast, and people just soak up the knowledge. It seems, from my experiences, that people are really hungry for this. People want to know how to take care of themselves by adjusting small things, and also what things are just good, healthy options that don’t have you logging food in a spreadsheet every day to achieve results.

So, for all those questions you’re probably getting, here’s my short guide to how to explain what on earth this is (and how to handle those skeptics):

For the curious:

- It’s like a health cult, but there’s no special cordial. Just lemon juice in water.

- It’s pretty much beans, lentils, meat and veg. Then more beans, lentils meat and veg. But it doesn’t get boring.

- I’m finding out the bare minimum that I can do to be the most healthy.. so actually being lazy can be healthy.

- Pretty much throw out any cereal, bread, pasta, and potatoes, milk and cheese in your house, and whatever you’re left with is what you’re eating for the next 6 days.

- As it turns out, you don’t need to slave away in a gym for 2 hours a day to look and feel great.

- I can work more, sleep less, and have amazing ideas. And do it all again tomorrow.

- Boring food = thinking about things that are much more important to me.

- Ever wonder if they make so many different flavors and foods because people have become really bad at creating an interesting life for themselves?

- I’m just eating once every four hours, and I eat the same thing 6 days a week. Then it’s party time.

- If you had to shoot a target for a life-changing reward, would you use a sniper rifle, or a machine gun, if every bullet was an hour of your life?

For those seriously considering it:

- I learned everything I needed to in 2 days, wrote a plan and haven’t thought about food or exercise since.

- It’s the first time in 5 years I’ve been able to eat meals and not eat again for 4 hours.

- I didn’t exercise for a month, I didn’t feel hungry and I lost 8 pounds.

- I am working out 1 hour per week and have gained 7 pounds of muscle in 3 weeks.

- Measuring your own progress gives you information no one else can give you.

For the confused:

- Just because the ads on TV say a calorie is a calorie, and fruits are healthy… doesn’t mean you have to take their word for it.

- Assume that everything you see about food or exercise that is printed or displayed in color, is marketing hype and not true.

- Dr Oz agreed with the principles.

For the skeptics:

- Probably best if you stick with the USDA’s recommendations on food. I’m sure their recommendations aren’t affected by any lobbying.

- If you need more proof, wait another 15-20 years for the large-scale studies that will back up the research you could read now.

- Don’t worry. Maybe the food companies care more about people’s health than their profits. Anyway, there’s always a medication if something goes wrong!

- There’s a million ways to fail. Ignoring good information and discounting the possibility that something different could be right or effective is just one of them.

But the best answer I’ve found so far:

- I’ve changed my lifestyle and I have a better life. That’s what all these weird habits are about.

All the best with your Four Hour Body, I hope you’re on the road to success and great results.

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12 Responses to How to explain the Four Hour Body to friends and family

  • Interesting…. that’s a lot of answers you’ve had to come up with! I haven’t really been in any situation yet where I’ve had to “explain” what I’m doing. Of course, everyone knows I was already vegetarian anyway, so they’re used to me being picky over what I eat….

  • Hey Luke -

    I’ve been on WW for almost 2 years. I wanted a change of pace and a coworker has lost 50 pounds in 3 months on the FHD. Today is my day 1 – fingers/beans/veggies/meats crossed! Go team.

    - Kirsten

  • Thanks for this article! Of course, I readily launch into a full blown explanation of the book when people ask, prefaced by “do you have time to listen?” lol

    • Luke says:

      Thanks for the comment Erwin! Your reply had me laughing out loud.. I think I’ve asked the same question ;)
      All the best, Luke

  • Tristan says:

    At first people thought I was nuts when I would tell them. Now they ask me what it is all about again since they see the drastic change(no longer depressed, generally enthusiastic, less road rage).

    Also the comments to go get new clothes because the current wardrobe is too baggy never get old.


    • Luke says:

      haha #winning! Sounds like you are Tristan, good on you!
      Nothing like some great changes to get people interested in what you’ve been doing! Congratulations, and all the best.

  • Excellent explanation. I am going to refer people to this to save me going through it each time!

  • Theresa says:

    This is great! I just found your blog while looking up something or other re:4 hour body.
    My husband and I started this two weeks ago! So there is more than one couple doing this! We already where health conscious, so most of it isn’t far from what we were doing anyway…so far, so good!

    • Luke says:

      Hey Theresa, thanks for leaving your comment!!
      Really glad you’ve got something from our articles :) Congrats to you and your husband on getting started, and I wish you both all the best, in good health and good results.


  • Patrick says:

    Hi Luke,

    Great article, I find myself saying the same things to people…most notably “I’m getting healthier while being just as lazy, if not lazier.”

    I’m in my fourth week now and and am down roughly 15lbs and about 6in. I also have some digestive issues and am finding the diet is helping keep that in check. I keep getting asked if I’ll do it for the rest of my life and my response has remained unchanged, “unless something better comes along.”

    Now that I have the diet down I’m going into the other chapters like “from geek to freak” and “occam’s protocol”. I cant wait to see what that does. I’ll be sure to tweet more updates as time goes on. Keep up the good work!


    • Luke says:

      Hey Patrick, Congratulations!! What a great start. That is a really awesome result.
      I think you’re answer ‘unless something better comes along’ is a very solid one. Reasonable, but makes it obvious that its doing great things for you.
      Keep up the great work, and the tweets! We have a few articles on Occam’s Protocol (a great starting point), and on Geek to Freak you might be interested in :)

      All the best,

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