How to Charlie Sheen the 4 Hour Body

‘Charlie Sheen winning’ has been doing his best lately to convince us that he is totally crazy – between the interviews, the tweets, the #tigersblood and the #winning, he has hit headlines around the world.

So in this Fun Friday post, we take a look at how to apply Charlie Sheen’s Principles of Life to the Four Hour Body.

Rule 1: Push life to the limit

Who says that we should have realistic expectations? Life has the potential to give incredible things back to anyone who sets their mind to receiving great things, and who are open to it. Charlie’s envelope-pushing attitudes might make people question his sanity, but he is on the pointy end of living life to it’s fullest.

Rule 2: Set your goal and go 110% at it

Charlie Sheen’s lifestyle makes it clear that someone choosing a direction and going at it 100% can result in success, and satisfaction. If we are to believe his comments about his own life, we see that no matter what the lifestyle is, if you have chosen it and live it, you will love it. Set your course towards success with your Four Hour Body, and never look back, or sideways.

Rule 3: Find good allies for your mission

Charlie’s now infamous godesses (live-in girlfriends – 2 of them) are not only just sharing his bed and his wisdom, but they have commented as to how rational their lifestyle is, and how well it works for all of them. Though their lifestyle may be a little unusual, they prove out the theory of finding like minded people to help your further your cause. Find a couple of friends who share your goals, and anything is possible!

Rule 4: Include supplements to support your lifestyle

Though ’7 gram rocks’ probably aren’t on everyone’s shopping list, Charlie Sheen has found the supplement regime that works for his lifestyle. Of course I definitely recommend against any substance abuse, and suggest that you take this principle and look at what supporting supplements will help you achieve your Four Hour Body goals.

Rule 5: Tell people about your successes and goals

Charlie is not shy when it comes to letting everyone inside his, mostly, confusing and bizarre thoughts. That said, he’s not ashamed of showing people what he thinks, what he believes in and what it’s giving to him. Don’t be afraid to tell people about what you’re doing (when they ask), and especially don’t be shy about doing things your way – even if it is a little different to other people (who are eating cheeseburgers for lunch).

Rule 6: #winning and believing in yourself

Charlie Sheen’s now famous phrase, it has been used to describe his over the top and bizarre lifestyle, which seems to suit him perfectly, and which he professes to love. He’s also totally self-assured in his choices. Not only is he headed on track for what he has decided is success, but he also has a good memory of past successes. This rule can be applied to so many things, but the key is mindset: believe you have been winning, and making progress, see yourself as someone who is having successes, and know that this will continue into the future.

Thanks to a recent commenter for giving me a chuckle when I saw #winning (a twitter hashtag) used in a comment on our blog.

Though Charlie Sheen’s antics are questionable, and the attention he is receiving defies logic, everybody loves hearing about someone who is not just different, but who is totally committed to being different. It’s what makes life interesting.

cswinning 150x150 How to Charlie Sheen the 4 Hour Body

So go ahead and be the interesting one who’s winning in your neck of the woods.

Leave a comment and let me know if I missed any Charlie Sheen Winning Principles of Life!

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