Better PAGG Stack now available

Some people may already know that both Kat and I are taking the PAGG stack, and have been doing for over a month now. Our results have been good – I’m gaining muscle without gaining fat along with it, and Kat’s been enjoying some nice recomposition, as she adds muscle from yoga and kettlebell workouts. We were interested to hear from our nutrition company that they were working on a new version of the PAGG formula. ‘But, surely what’s in the book is the best it gets?’ was what I first thought. It turns out sometimes I should speak after I’ve done some learning.

Like so many things in life, it turns out that not everything is equal, when it comes to vitamins and supplements. I already knew this about certain vitamins, like basic vitamin C vs. time release, complete-with-bioflavanoids vitamin C. But I had assumed that all the PAGG’s out there had the same ingredients, just in different forms. We’re taking a combined capsule, so we currently take 5 a day. I had done some reading about what the ingredients did, however I hadn’t got any further than that.

So, I’ve learned a few things, and I’m confident that we picked the best PAGG stack for body recomposition (fat loss with muscle gain). There’s a reformulation of the ingredients, and things are even better than Tim’s original formula. If you’re on the fence about trying PAGG, or if you’re thinking about converting from 17 tablets a day, this post is for you.

Give it to me in a nutshell.

If you’re anything like me, you want the details in terms of what it means it does. The revised PAGG stack is more effective than the original for a few reasons. So here goes:

  • Less capsules to take
  • Better quality Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Less likely to cause gastro problems
  • Green Tea Extract removed from the night time dose

That’s a pretty decent list. Though we haven’t experienced gastro or sleeping problems, I know some people have had stomach discomfort from the 300mg dose of ALA. This new capsule offers half as many mg of R-ALA, which has more potency, meaning there’s less effect on the digestive system, with more benefits.

And for those who like the extra details:

  • Capsule PAGG (vs tablet) gets absorbed the fastest, so the ingredients are in you when you’re digesting your food.
  • The Alpha Lipoic Acid in PAGG can come in different forms – Pareto Nutrition’s new PAGG stack includes R-ALA which is more potent and cleaner, but more expensive to make
  • The ALA in Pareto’s PAGG has a lower dose (because it’s more potent) and is less likely to give people gastro problems
  • The Green Tea Extract (the most expensive ingredient I found out) is the exact right dose, which some other tablets don’t provide
  • Though decaf green tea extract isn’t generally a problem for people, the new capsules remove Green Tea Extract from the night time capsule, for people who have sleeping concerns
  • The green tea extract is truly decaf, which others are not completely
  • The garlic extract in this PAGG stack is aged garlic extract, which is something to be careful of (different levels of allicin).
  • The new capsules are 4-per-day, not 5-per-day, or more than 10-per-day like it would be taking everything separately (eek.) The day time capsules are A-G-G and the night time capsule is P-A-G.

Basically, we like taking this PAGG because its convenient. We move around a lot and any kind of travel can be a real pain if you have to pack a lot of tablets. This makes it easy to just grab enough for a day, or 3, and go. We also believe in the ingredients and the people making it, that they’re focused on the best quality available.

If you’d like to read up more on the science behind these capsules, check out their blog article for more details – click the “Our formula has been improved! Read the blog post..” on this page.

The banner on the right shows what the capsules look like, and I always mention that we do get a small commission if someone buys by clicking from our site. This helps us with our costs of writing this blog and hosting, and I like to be totally open about this fact.

Let us know if you’re having success with PAGG – we have had comments from readers who have had really good success with PAGG.

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16 Responses to Better PAGG Stack now available

  • Shane says:

    My main concern with the new formulation is taking all of the EGCG upfront. Can the body actually absorb it all at once and does it not need to be consumed around meals.

    • Luke says:

      Hi Shane, thanks for your comment. I’m not 100% sure I understand what you mean – the PAGG in the book, and in Pareto’s formula includes the EGCG with the first 3 meals of the day, recommended to be taking it 30 mins before eating to allow absorption. Can you let me know if this answers your question?
      All the best, Luke

  • Gloppy says:

    Hi Luke,

    Congrats on your blog :)

    You mention that PAGG should be taken 30 minutes before meals to allow absorption. I couldn’t seem to find that information on Pareto’s webiste. Where did you get this 30 minutes delay thing?


    • Luke says:

      Hey, thanks for your comment! The 30 mins before meals, I believe I either got from the book, or from an update blog post on Tim’s website. I’m not 100% sure of which, but I know its been referenced in a few places.
      All the best,

  • Excellent site, you provided me with some very useful and informative information. I would like to see more sites that offer detailed information as this. I will visit back often.

  • I’ll admit I’m a PAGG-virgin. I’m eager to see how the supplements can help an recovering chunky-butter like myself! Thanks for the great info. :)

    - Kirsten (

  • Chris says:

    This is a joke. Just buy all of the ingredients of the PAGG through a company like Swanson’s Vitamins and you save so much money.

    Meh… convenience. I bought a 2 month supply for $80 total just by buying the ingredients separately.

    Don’t waste your money.

    • Luke says:

      Hey Chris,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Everyone has their own perspective on this and we respect that.

      We feel there are a lot of people out there who prefer the convenience of getting the exact dose, and not having to carry around, and plan out lots of different tablets. For us, as we move around a lot during the days and weekends, planning out and carrying what would end up being 12 or 24 tablets sometimes would just be a lot of hassle. So, we can easily pack in the two bottles of tablets conveniently.

      It’s true that buying all the separate tablets can be cheaper, and we always recommend people make up their own minds about what they prefer.

      For us, the convenience is probably the difference between us taking it, or not taking it, so we see more value is having the combined capsules.

      All the best,

  • says:

    Pareto seems to have a good stack (though the most expensive I’ve found, and it has dyes in it to look ‘cool’, which is unnecessary and unhealthy), but their reformulation isn’t new, just new to them. I’ve been taking another stack that is more like what they’ve reformulated into. Also, I’m pretty sure they never had the green tea extract in the nighttime PAGG (hence having a different pill), and Tim always said this is the right approach or you won’t sleep well.

    Each mfg should recommend how far in advance you need to take it. My stack suggests 15 minutes. It will depend on the material of the capsule (vs tablet), and a number of other things. 15-30 is a good window if you’re unsure.

    • Luke says:

      Hey thanks for your thoughts. It’s possible that your comments are made based on changes in the last year, however Pareto reformulated their ingredients twice between Jan 2011 and Jul 2011. Their first batch included Green Tea in the evening dose, and following Tim’s correction, their next release had it taken out. I took capsules from both formulations, and never had a problem sleeping. I also agree that 15-30 mins is ideal, before a meal, but I always suggest to my coaching clients that it’s much, much easier to think about it like this “Eat 20 minutes after taking the capsule”. Otherwise, you get ready to eat, and realize that you should have taken the capsule 20 minutes ago.


  • Luke says:

    This comment sits in reply to a spam commenter who posted many times on different articles. He has copy-pasted the same text on other places online too and seems to have been hired to smear the Pareto brand.

    Hi Keith,

    I’m sorry you felt it necessary to post this multiple times to different articles. Unfortunately that kind of behaviour makes you seem more like a spammer than someone with genuine concerns, however I have left your comment here so that I can answer and give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume you just felt strongly and that’s why you have posted it so many times.

    I’m certainly satisfied with the product by Pareto, and have discussed the product at length with the founders of Pareto before I considered promoting it on our blog. They have technical backgrounds that mean they are qualified to be selecting the highest quality ingredients, and they have done their own, independent research, at times losing a good night’s sleep to do so. They were the first to introduce the higher quality R-ALA into their capsules, and they manufacture to strict standards.

    All the best,

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