Announcing 4HBC Coaching

We’re very excited to be able to announce our new 4HBC Coaching!

If you’ve been unsure about the right approach to take, or if you find life too busy to find the time to make the changes suggested by the book, we have some great news. For people who are balancing busy lives full of working at the office, commuting, seeing friends and perhaps raising a young family, we have created packages to streamline starting and getting success with this lifestyle.

Following a few great months of writing about our Four Hour Body experiences, we’ve found that there are a lot of people out there who have questions about the diet, the exercise and the lifestyle. Working more with people on their goals, we’ve found that the book can be very overwhelming, and it can be very difficult to choose the right approach for your goals, and also to know whether what you’re currently doing is the best thing to get the results you want.

As we read the questions and comments on this site, we realized some people could really use some help with getting going, and keeping going. We are offering a fast-track to getting your life organized with the four hour body. Whether it’s the slow carb diet, kettlebell training, questions about supplements like PAGG, or hitting the weights with Occam’s Protocol workouts, we will work with you and your specific goals, to design the best approach for your lives. You get reassurance knowing that you can get going with following the program, without worrying about the various different options, and whether or not you should be doing different things. We even included ongoing support for when questions come up, and to check in on how you’re finding it, so we can provide some support and advice.

To learn more about our Coaching, please check it out here:

If you feel like there’s not enough time to make these kind of changes, or to get the gym as much as you think you should, then there might be a simpler way to achieve those results you’ve been wanting. Of course nothing comes without a bit of change, but with the help and support, to start off with, and to continue with, you are set up for success when you begin. We’ll give you the shopping list, the workouts, and the advice on how to make these changes in your life.

Of course, we won’t be stopping answering questions in comments, or from our Contact Page, but we saw a need for more personalized attention than we can give through a few blog comments, or an email or two. We can’t wait to get started with people who are looking achieve amazing things in their lives. Let’s get started!!

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