What is your measure?

There’s two things that have been rolling around my brain as I’ve begun thinking about being on the Slow Carb Diet again; in what way do I look at myself? – and what is my measure of success?

These are those questions that seem super easy to answer, but then they’re not… So, what is your measure? The options I’ve seen (and I’m ready for others, if you have them!) were this:

1) The Not-So-Magnificent Mirror

I don’t have to do too much of an intro for this one. To some of you, this is your best friend, for others (including me) its not so much. The mirrors always seem to have more to say around my hips than I’d like. Did you know that there are chemicals in our body that don’t allow us to see ourselves properly in the mirror, depending on what our mental state is? Once I heard that fact a couple months ago, I no longer enjoyed the mirror as my measure of success. Now, I’m really excited to become friends with it again once I’m done with the Slow Carb Diet. If you are someone who enjoys the mirror as your measure of success, try this tip: Instead of using the mirror, take a photo of yourself (preferably not through the mirror) and keep it for the next time you want to compare. Take the photo from around the same place the next week, and at same distance. This allows no biased vision, and its easier to look at yourself “helpfully and healthily” in a photo. Give it a try!

2) The Snarly Scales

Has anyone else ever felt as if the scale is making fun of you? The dial ever-so-carefully wavering around 147… oh, no you’re 150… sorry. lol! I found I was being a bit of a scale hog when I was first on the Slow Carb Diet. This is going to change this time! For those of you that find yourself sneaking on the scale every time you’re in for a tinkle, you’ve got to stop. Period. Re-thinking and re-giving yourself the unchanging numbers every day (or more than every day!) will bring down your mental state and you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll be ready to give up your goals and quit! Your brain and body needs to be given a break now that its beginning this new regime. Its having a tough enough time as it is. Allowing yourself to see numbers every week on a scheduled day will allow good associations to be registered in your brain. These good associations will create more excitement for your goals and take the pressure off meeting the dreaded scale every time you’re in the bathroom. Even better idea: hide the scale until you need it on your designated day. It’ll be your good friend in no time!

3) The Measuring Tape of Torture

This guy isn’t too bad, but can be pretty deceiving if you find yourself back in the situation of measuring yourself every time you walk by the cupboard. Same goes for this one as the lovely scales. Pick your day, once a week, to measure yourself. Take note of where you measured the week before on a notepad so that you don’t scare yourself if you accidentally measure yourself in a different place. The most important thing is: remember what it is that you’ve done that week – you’re taking in so much protein that there’s a very large chance of building on some muscle, even if you’re like me and don’t do anything but sit with a guitar or piano in front of a mic and then drive to a cafe. icon wink What is your measure? This muscle building will change the results on your measuring tape, bringing in new info that looks a LOT like not-so-much-fat being lost. Remember what you’ve done that week and give yourself a break! If you’ve been doing more exercise than me (very possible), then you’re going to be experiencing a change in your muscle buildup. And make sure you really DO take this in. Think about what you’ve done during the week and allow yourself to relax around the fact that you are losing fat and building muscle – this will allow positive associations to come into the picture.


You  might be noticing a trend.

“Positive Association”.

This is key for your goals to become reality (aside from a few other things). If you allow your emotions to get in the way of your weight loss/muscle build-up, you will be faced with some not-so-realistic expectations that will bring along negative associations to health, your body, weight loss, and Slow Carb! This isn’t how is has to be. If you think about the way that you’re looking at your body, think about the way you’re measuring your success, you can create positive associations to these key things that are going to keep you going for weeks to come! (And isn’t that what everyone wants?)

Think positive! And, as Tony Robbins says “Live with Passion!”

Tweet me with your measures of success! I want to hear all of them! http://www.twitter.com/KatPenfold


Photo thanks to Dmitry

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3 Responses to What is your measure?

  • I love this. So many ways to consider affirming and celebrating ourselves. Thanks for being part of my world, and all the wonderful things I hold near and dear to my goals and dreams. Smooches!

  • Neil Cowley says:

    My arms have measured 14.5 inches from the beginning to end, from 190lb pulldowns to 300lb pulldowns – so I’m obviously not going to become a bodybuilder. My tummy is trim now, so that’s about the only visual goal that’s different. However, my goal is a one arm pullup, and I’m just 20lbs away from that goal – so it’s just about what I can ‘do’ with the body I have. I know I can run 12miles and walk the next day without a problem. So knowing what I need to put into my body to be in this place gives me direction and motivation in a sea of food – that’s just trying to get me to buy it, when I don’t need it. Knowing that makes me happy and confident.

    • Luke says:

      Hey Neil,

      It’s interesting that your measurements haven’t changed a lot.. but that other ‘measurement’ – your strength in the gym, has shifted in a really positive direction!

      I think you have a really great angle on this.. not everyone has the genetics to get ‘huge’ from some weight training, and realistically it’s about finding any and all the benefits from putting in the effort. I really like how you’re looking at things, especially your comment on knowing what you need to put into you body, whilst trying to play ‘dodgem cars’ with all that junk food (that’s packaged to look ‘healthy’ or ‘sensible’) they have in the stores. I heard lately that 80% of food in grocery stores is not good for you.. that’s worse than casino odds! Having some education in the area can flip your chances of success though, as you’ve found. There’s nothing like being in an educated position when you are making choices that affect your lifestyle and health so deeply.

      All the best!

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