Happy Cheat Day everyone

Well it’s Easter, and what a great time to have a cheat day.

Here’s my gift to myself today, and I’d love to see and hear about what your’s was! Thanks to the good folks who gave us funny looks, but enjoyed a smile when they saw what we wanted written on this ice cream log.

(Click for a bigger photo)

Have fun icon smile Happy Cheat Day everyone


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5 Responses to Happy Cheat Day everyone

  • Lucinda says:

    Absolutely love that!! Today for my cheat day I made little doughnuts with raspberry jam… yum!

  • Before slow carb I would have stayed away from an ice cream cake. I deprived myself of treats like that for years, but never reached my goals. Today after lunch I had a birthdaycake ice cream cone, and weighed in at 184.8 lbs. That’s the same weight I was when I ran the Houston marathon 15 years ago and a weight I thought was not possible to see again.

    • Luke says:

      Hey Benjamin, what a great result!! Thanks for sharing with us.
      Congratulations on your weight loss, do you still run these days?


  • Ben says:

    just finished a large pizza and two bottles of wine! Yeah cheat day! down to 218 from 235 in February. Long live 4 Hour Body! (did I mention 2 bottles of wine?????)

    • Luke says:

      Hey Ben, nice work!! That’s a great result, and you’re sure doing cheat day proud.
      All the best,

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