Watch our Couples Challenge Update – Week 2

We started our Couples Challenge last week, and so far we’ve had great feedback. In case you’re new to it: We have 5 couples who are living the four hour body lifestyle with slow carb, PAGG Supplements and we’re coaching our couples every week, to help them with any challenges that arise and work with them to achieve their goals. Our couples have set their sights and you can learn more about them, by checking out the Facebook video page here.

This week, our couples answered questions about their favorite slow carb meals, what it’s like to be on the diet and have other people ask questions about it, and there are some great recipe ideas too, plus a special secret ingredient that has made us rethink chili!

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Our couples are getting some really good results – fat loss, energy lift and already we have worked with one person to set out a new goal, as he has reached his desired fat loss (he had a couple of weeks head-start).

This week we looked at things our couples could fine tune, and we found that water is a real challenge. With a busy lifestyle and no convenient way of reminding ourselves, it can be tough to get enough water, and it’s easy to go a few hours without having a drink. Water is a key to fat loss, however, so we made some suggestions that we hope makes it easier to drink more.

If you’re having a challenge with water, try some of these reminders:

  • Setting a countdown alarm on a cell phone,
  • Setting Google Calendar reminders with a text message alert
  • Carrying around a 1L/32oz water bottle everywhere, and making sure it was empty by lunchtime, and again by dinner time.

We also heard about some challenges with breakfast, so we came up with some ideas for that. We had a great suggestion from one of our couples – that salmon is a great option for early morning protein. Salmon is very protein-dense, which means you don’t need a lot of it to get lots of high quality, lean protein in.

For people who would like an egg free breakfast, this is a great option! We also believe including lentils or beans in every breakfast is important, to get your metabolism going, and to have energy in the morning. Red split lentils, which don’t need soaking, cook in boiling water in approximately 10 minutes and are really tasty!

Have a look through this week’s videos, watch our couples, and leave your comments!

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2 Responses to Watch our Couples Challenge Update – Week 2

  • Great videos! Awesome to get to know people a little more each week. I’ll check out the salmon idea too. Looking forward to chatting Friday. Does 8:30EST work? Thanks! – Kirsten

    • Luke says:

      Hey Kirsten, it’s great finding out some more about our couples – everyone is so inspiring to work with! It’s really blown us away. I’ll email you about the timeslot for coaching this week.

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