Watch the videos – Couples Challenge Update Week 3

Our couples are making great progress, and some are losing inches, some losing weight on the scales, and everyone is losing fat, except one, who is gaining muscle! We work with them each week, as they live the slow carb diet lifestyle, and take the PAGG supplements, to help them achieve the goals they have set. You can learn more about them, by checking out the Facebook video page here.

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Click here to watch this week’s Couples Challenge videos

This week, our couples chat about some really interesting things, including their progress, what they see in their future, and some of the unexpected and amazing health benefits they’ve experienced by starting the slow carb diet!

Watch the update videos to find out what a ‘Dirty Dash‘ is, and who has been having a ‘carb coma‘.

As we coach our couples each week, we work with them to fine tune their routines and focus on how they could make some small changes to get better results. This week, we looked at including more beans in meals, getting more water over the whole day, and how water shifting in the body can result in some strange results on the scales. We’re finding that coaching our couples is an incredible experience, and we feel very lucky to be able to help them work on their goals so closely. We always get a good laugh with them too, and the time just flies as we discuss all things four hour body and slow carb.

If you suffer from fibromyalgia or plantar fasciitis, this week’s videos are not to be missed. Watch the Couples Challenge 4HB videos now and learn more!

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