Slow Carb Recipe – Chai Salmon and Black Beans

Well I’m definitely not the fine chef of the house, and the truth is that most of my meals look, well, the same as yesterday’s meals. But having watched Kat prepare another tasty slow carb meal, and wishing for something other than plain beans and beef, I decided to get adventurous.

Note: For those feeling less adventurous, or in a hurry, skip to the slow carb salmon and black beans recipe.

My first quest was to find some protein. So, my adventure began at the freezer, where I went searching for a portion that would be easy to heat up. Bypassing the bagged beef, I headed into the deep, freezing depths, and retrieved the last, somewhat expose, frozen salmon fillet.

With fillet in hand, for longer than expected (as it stuck to my fingers), I dropped it in a bowl with some water, and headed for the microwave, finding the defrost button after some searching. With that underway, it was time to find my next ingredient.

Though a somewhat obvious choice (though how random can you get when you’re choosing between different bean types), I picked up a can of black beans, from a cache in the drawer, of perhaps 20 or so cans of beans. This was less deliberate, and more by some sort of bean-karma, as our beans are in a low drawer. I think white beans may not have gone as well, so this worked out well.

Though I had the salmon defrosting, and the beans draining in the sink, I felt there was something missing. I reached into the fridge and found a random strip of turkey bacon, which looked like the perfect addition.

The only staple left was a vegetable. Running through the options in my mind (frozen cauliflower – too much hassle with the microwave, fresh cauliflower – have to open a new bag, zucchini – too round), I selected broccoli to be my vegetable-champion for the meal. A quick rinse, and I sliced it in small florets, reducing the ‘trunk’ region of each.

As the salmon was now an uncomfortable warmish temperature, I thought I’d better get on cooking it before any airborne germ-monsters set up residence, so it went back in the microwave to cook in it’s water.

I threw the black beans, diced turkey bacon and broccoli into a pot, but something seemed to be missing. My brain told me it was almond butter, so I obliged with a large teaspoon full.

With the pot on the heat, it was time to get creative.

I dove into the spice drawer, and feeling inspired by some of the flavors I had smelled from Kat’s cooking, I picked up the dried dill. An overshake later, I had a nice layer of green over my ingredients, which were slowly heating.

Not content with such a simple flavor, I used the less-than-scientific approach of picking up the first two things I found: cinnamon and nutmeg. At home in any egg nog, or other holiday treats, I questioned the logic of including it in my evening meal, but threw caution to the wind and went ahead.

Fortune was in my favor with the nutmeg sprinkling, but not so much with the cinnamon. Being delivered into the pot from one of those cheap large spice packets, rather than a nice little bottle with shaker, the cinnamon flowed freely for far too long.

I was left with a nice brown powdery coating over my cooking ingredients.

Just in time for the now-cooked salmon fillet.

I mashed/separated it into smaller pieces, and added it to the pot, then finishing off the assembly by throwing on liberal dashes of water from the kettle, to try to disperse the brown and green soot sitting on the top layer.

It seemed to work well, but meant that it was cooking fast for about 5 minutes to reduce the water content down to something that could be plated, rather than served as a chunky soup.

At the end of it, I had a rather odd looking dish, and also no memory of adding the almond butter.

I tentatively gripped my fork, and reached for the first selection – a smaller piece of broccoli and.. all the other stuff mushed together.

Success! A flavor sensation!

In near-shock, I was then taken by surprise when I came across some hard bits. Once I realised the almond butter was the cause, I thoroughly enjoyed them.

All in all, a great success, and a meal I would highly recommend to anyone on the slow carb diet. Think about adding something with some kick to really make it interesting.

For the time-efficient:

Recipe – Slow Carb Chai Salmon and Black Beans
Serves 1

  • 1 Salmon Fillet
  • 1 Turkey Bacon strip
  • Broccoli
  • 1/2 can Black Beans
  • Liberal sprinklings of dried dill, cinnamon, nutmeg
  • 1 tsp Almond Butter (chunky)

(Double up ingredients for a nice dinner for 2)


  1. Get everything ready to cook, and add it all (except powders) into a pot on medium to high heat. If this means defrosting salmon, then do that first.
  2. Cook the ingredients as you add your seasonings over medium heat.
  3. Add some water to disperse the seasonings.
  4. Cover to steam broccoli nicely.
  5. Uncover to boil off any extra liquid.
  6. Serve and enjoy!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. I lovingly now call this my ‘Slow carb salmon black beans WTF’ in honor of the fact that I had no idea what I was making while I made it, and less idea what it would taste like. Do you have a variation to share?

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2 Responses to Slow Carb Recipe – Chai Salmon and Black Beans

  • Jay says:

    In the book it says no Salmon or Mackerel… Why is this salmon ok? Or have I misread the book?

    • Luke says:

      Hey Jay,

      In the book, it comments on not using salmon or mackerel when doing ‘The Last Mile’ phase of fat loss. This is a much more concentrated effort on getting your body fat to a very low percentage, as compared to slow carb’s aim at reducing body fat down to a healthy, or low level (not extremely low). Salmon is commented on due to it’s inclusion of fats, in this case. However, for slow carb, it is a good protein choice.

      All the best,

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