Slow carb revolution: fat loss and health?

If you’ve thought of slow carb as a simple means to an end, the latest in the list of ‘lose fat quickly’ regimes making it’s way around the internet, then think again.

Slow carb goes beyond fat loss, and most likely then elbows out most of it’s weight loss competitors in the process.

While Atkins is doing its science, and goading you into eating more bacon, and South Beach is filling you with artificially produced ‘meal’ bars, while Weight Watchers is leaving you unsatisfied with small portions and weird sauces full of chemicals, and your bootcamp classes have you awake at the crack of dawn, and in pain for the rest of the day, slow carb is going about its quiet work without asking you to count calories, points, or watch portions, or break out in a painful sweat.

What’s better than all this? Slow carb is doing it with real food. Better still, the more fresh the food is, the better. And fresh, healthy foods means a healthy body.

Not just fat loss, but health.

Now there’s a revolution. You can actually lose fat, while you don’t half-kill yourself with crazy amounts of exercise, while you don’t fill your body full of weird non-foods from ingredient lists as long as your arm, and while your body gets the nutrients it wants.

The modern world has become far too obsessed with there always having to be a chemical solution to a ‘problem’. Too often, we forget how that problem came about, and look to science to fix it. We look at smoking and say we can treat the chemical addiction, when we could look at the behavior and find the source reason for the smoking, and work on that.

We are all looking for a fast-track to success.. but as I’ve learned, sometimes trying to get on that fast track means building a bridge over a ravine, where it might be easier, more simple and more effective in the long term to take a step back, and see the alternate path around the ravine. What I mean is that by always looking forward, we become convinced that to make up for shortcomings in any field, we need to build more and build more about ourselves – build confidence when facing a lack of it, build strategies to overcome problems. This works, at times, however it’s a lot of work.

Take a step back. See the source, and question whether it could be worked on, simply, and quickly, to then make it easy to move ahead without having to maintain all these constructed bridges, over the ravines of shortcomings.

So where am I going with this? Right back to fat loss and body change.

Though we’re all keen to move on, let’s look at how anyone gets to a point where they want, or need to lose fat. They have gained fat to get there. And most likely that didn’t happen through chemicals, or other artificial means, it happened through food. Food-in led to fat-gain. So, surely the simplest answer is to change that at its root; to change the source, rather than build a patchwork over the top of the behaviour that created the current situation.

What Atkins, Weight Watchers and so many other systems out there do is build a rickety framework of how to force weight loss, without looking too much deeper, so the chances of a lasting change are much less, but worse yet, a lot of them result in having an unhealthy mix of foods, or chemicals in the case of some meal systems that rely on you buying pre-packaged food. I know people may not support me on this, but achieving fat loss by working with a confined set of rules and some artificial system that games the body into losing some fat, whether it’s by not providing enough food energy for a day’s activities, or whether it’s using the latest wonder-chemical-additive for food so it tastes like something it’s not, is not a great option for creating a healthy body that you love living in. Weight loss systems, in general, miss the point that there’s a great opportunity to get healthier, as well as slimmer.

Which do you prefer? Build a new routine over an old routine, effectively like turning up your hifi to drown out your neighbor’s, or changing the existing routine to something that works better for you, like finding music both you and your neighbor love to listen to. Do I need to ask? Get going and feel great about making a change at the source!

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8 Responses to Slow carb revolution: fat loss and health?

  • Justin says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more Luke. Very similar to the SCD close cousin Paleo I would say all of your same points apply.

    How has your own progress been? Haven’t heard anything about that in a while now.

    • Luke says:

      Hey Justin, thanks for your comment.
      Lately, I’ve been doing Geek to Freak workouts, approximately once every 5/6 days, and having had a couple of stalls with weight gain, have blown out my calories to an estimated 3200-3800 per day. I’m doing a 50% calorie day once a week, and am taking ChromeMate before every meal, plus slow niacin morning and night. So far so good. This morning I’m at an all time high weight for me – 166/167lbs.. so I’m excited about that. To see the scale moving up is good in my world. My goal was 175lbs, however I’ve changed that to 180lbs now having seen the physical differences coming from 149lbs to 167lbs, I would like more muscle than I originally anticipated. (ie I thought muscle would show more for a certain amount of weight).
      Any fat gain that may be happening along the way is very minimal, and is now the least of my worries. The workouts are ridiculously intense, and eating to support them is difficult at times. I’m going with 2 protein shakes per day (with BCAAs in the protein powder), made with lactose free milk. Also including creatine and glutamine as part of the routine. And still managing to avoid most cardio activity, other than a hit of tennis here and there. I can see myself aiming to achieve around 190lbs and most likely then wanting to lose some fat at that point. A very different place than where I was a few short months ago (middle of Feb I started Occam’s Protocol at 150lbs). Strength, as the other side of the equation, is going up and up.. leg press has gone from 180lbs to 350lbs.
      It’s not the speedy 25lbs or so of gain in 1 month, that you see elsewhere online, but I work all day, and too long into the evening, and this is the first time I’ve ever been above 163lbs, so this is unchartered territory (and gaining back lost muscle is much faster). My main challenge has been calories, which is mostly solved with protein shakes and protein bars.

      • Justin says:

        That pretty awesome results … Its funny how we have to change our goals as we progress succesfully. Originally I wanted to get down from 183lbs to 165lbs. This morning I was at an all time low of 152.4lbs I’m not sure what my exact bf% is but its gotta be close to 10% the 8 pack is peaking through.

        Going to have to start doing Occam’s although I am probably going to modify it a bit to be more athletic and less bodybuilder/isometric. I probably wont have as hard a time gaining weight as you though but this is a new challenge for me I haven’t had to gain weight since highschool!

        Back to the topic of your post, I have notice a bunch of other health benefits myself. My wife says I have less body odour, my mild asthma is pretty much gone, my skin is very clear and smooth in places that never were before, I find I heal from injuries way faster, my digestion issues are gone. It is crazy how bad grains, especially wheat, are for you.

        • Luke says:

          Hey Justin thanks for your comment!

          You’re right about changing goals. It can be weird at times! Your progress photos are great! A really solid congratulations to you.

          I agree entirely with you about grains, and especially wheat. Although it’s a long time since I went off it, I still remember very clearly the differences I experienced. I will also add dairy to the mix – adding in some milk to protein shakes, vs pure slow carb I find a noticeable difference in my body. Your injury healing is very interesting.. suggests maybe there’s a lot of energy going to heal internal damage when we have things in our diet that fight with our body.

          All the best,

  • Stephanie says:

    Thanks, Luke. I had been trying to read up and get myself motivated again, but just couldn’t do it. Reading this made be realize why I chose the 4HB over everything else. It is clean living.

  • Chris says:

    Hi Luke.

    Curious what your personal experience is with the diets you are critical of? I agree that eating fresh food and backing off on wheat and dairy are good ideas as I’ve experienced health benefits from both, but I’m not sure you have the facts straight on one of the diets you’ve mentioned, specifically Weightwatchers, as that particular diet (Points Plus version) actually encourages cooking your own food and eating fresh vegetables, fruit etc. There are products available for “convenience” but by no means is eating such foods necessary or required. I totally agree with you that diets based on pre-packaged food with chemicals etc. in it aren’t good for anybody in the long run.

    All of these diets have pros and cons, but I don’t think it is fair to write one off completely especially if it is based on mis-information. For example, it’s pretty easy to say the Four Hour Body is ridiculous as, although it encourages fresh food etc. it also encourages eating canned food (beans etc.) for those who won’t cook as well as limiting or completing stopping the intake of natural foods such as blueberries (which, I note most paleo diets do “allow” – see Mark’s Daily Apple). Further, it encourages a cheat day of gorging. Not sure about you, but I don’t think a healthy diet consists of planning to eat like a pig once a week. And, let’s be honest, 90% of the people following the Four Hour Body are into it for the quick fat loss claims and aren’t eating blueberries on the cheat day. Lol.

    You might be surprised to find out that the Weightwatchers Points Plus system is designed to do what you discuss in your final paragraph and further, that you could follow a slow carb diet within it.

    Anyway, appreciate your website and posts. All good stuff, just wanted to point this one out.


    • Luke says:

      Hi Chris,
      Really appreciate your comment. I had some close personal friends following WW some years ago, however your explanation makes it sound like things might have changed. Regardless, I know Weight Watchers works for a great many people, and I think it’s creators are leading people in the right direction, as it’s not an ‘extreme’ system and is manageable over time.
      You’re right about the blueberries ;) It sounds like WW is a program that allows people to come from different directions, as eating lots of packaged food on slow carb is possible, though not likely to yield the best results. It depends a lot on the person I think, and for those who find WW a successful program, I definitely don’t mean to make any suggestions that its ‘not as good as’ or even a less-good way of losing fat than slow carb.
      Thanks again for your thoughts.

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