5 Slow Carb Cooking Videos to watch!

Although I’m a big believer in the beans + lean protein + green vegetable equation, I, like you probably, can get bored with the same meals day in, day out, for weeks on end. So, here is the perfect boredom cure, the end to all those familiar visions at the dinner table.

Rather than take you through a typical kitchen adventure at our place, we turned to our Couples Challenge participants, and asked them to show us what some of their favorite meals look like, and how to make them!

I was blown away with some of the creativity shown in these videos, and I want to give a lot of credit to all our couples for putting together such great videos. Checkout the videos below to get a kitchen view of how to create the following dishes:

  • Red Wine Hamburgers
  • Chicken Fajita Bowl
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Koorma Lentils
  • Thai Basil Chicken
  • Vindaloo Lentils
  • Chicken and Vegetable Wakame Roll
  • Grilled beef and chicken strips
  • Beans that make you want to french kiss Tim Ferriss

Heather and Steve:

Brent and Lauren:

Jesse and Melinie:

Kat and Steven:

Kirsten and Larry:

What did you think?? Do you have any variations or ideas that came from these great slow carb recipe videos? I found it so great having a how-to video of slow carb cooking.. I find reading text recipes sometimes pretty challenging.

Remember, you can watch more videos from our couples over at the Facebook page (click here to load in a new window).

Let me know what you think, or if you have any questions! Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you soon!

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9 Responses to 5 Slow Carb Cooking Videos to watch!

  • Jesse Weaver says:

    Glad to see our video made it ok! One correction I found though was that I misspelled Korma. Oopsie! So as you can see, it’s Korma, not Koorma. Either way you spell it though, it’s awful tasty!

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  • Paul Rosenberg says:

    Worcestershire Sauce = Slow-Carb Fail! This stuff is caramelized sugar and HFCS.

  • Kai says:

    Do you have some protein smoothie Ideas that are acceptable

    • Luke says:

      Hey Kai,

      Good question. Generally its recommended to avoid protein shakes, unless your goal is adding muscle. In this case, you might gain a little fat, but you’ll be making the most of the workouts you undertake to gain muscle.
      If on the other hand your goal is fat loss, stick with the slow carb meals – 3 or 4 per day with whole foods and you’ll get the best results. There are mixed reviews about protein drinks – I’ve heard a few people who have had success with a plain type mixed with water, and many others comment that it’s the difference between fat loss stopping, or continuing (without protein shakes).

      All the best,

  • mark says:

    Howdy, Where are the lentil and Thai chicken vids? ta, Mark

  • newbodi.es says:

    While this is a nice idea, there are a lot of rule breaks in here (worcestershire sauce, salad dressing, curry). It would be good to note them so people trying to really follow the rules know what is and isn’t strictly ok.

    Also, protein shakes are ok. The key is using the right kind of protein and not getting other things added – that’s where the trick comes in. The ideal protein is casein due to its super-slow release into your bloodstream and to your muscles (so you can use it without having to exercise), but it’s very hard to find without sucralose (spelnda) or honey and some flavoring (vanilla, chocolate, fake strawberry, etc). I’ve found one brand that fits the bill (Muscle Feast micellar casein). Whey protein is only ok if you’re working out given how rapidly it gets to your muscles (and thus ends up wasted and overloading your excretion systems). And, again, you must find ones without artificial sweeteners and flavoring. I’ve found one that works here, too (Jay Robb – both unflavored and stevia-sweetened cocoa).

    • Luke says:

      Hey thanks for your comments.
      You’re right that a few items in these videos aren’t 100% slow carb, I’d suggest using olive oil and lemon juice instead of another salad dressing, and the curry would be ok if it was pure curry powder, or curry paste.
      The protein you mention is the slowest to digest. My focus however is on whole food meals, because isolating just protein isn’t a good replacement for a meal of high fiber carbohydrates, protein and vegetables. That said, for some people a quick meal is the only option. Thanks for mentioning what you’ve found – you’re absolutely correct that many have some pretty weird stuff added to them, which can be quite unhealthy.
      All the best,

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