4HB Video chat to discuss with friends

Picture this: you are thinking about the slow carb diet. Maybe you’ve started it, maybe you’re 2 months in, or maybe you’re looking at the beans at the grocery store. You start chatting about it with your wife, your son, your friend, a coworker, or your mom, and after about 2 minutes, their eyes glaze over and you realize you’re a little more interested in this than they are. Sound familiar? Join a conversation about slow carb, workouts, fat loss, beans, with other people who are just as interested as you are!

Check out the Four Hour Body Video Discussion Group right here.

It’s totally easy to get going, you can use your Facebook or Twitter account, so there’s no extra registration, or remember passwords, or anything like that.

I realized that I love talking to people, face to face, because it’s such a fast way of sharing information, and learning from others as well. I love forums, Facebook groups, blogs, comments and emails.. but there’s something direct and immediate about chatting live, face to face, that makes this my favorite way to connect with people.

This week, we launch the Four Hour Body Video Chat Group, and we kick it off with a special Wednesday event, discussing all things Four Hour Body, where I will be in the video chat room, live! Visit the video chat page to get all the details!

We have set up some scheduled topic times, so people can come and visit, and know other people will be online to chat about what they’re interested in.. but the video chat is open all the time, and is a great convenient way to chat with a few people online about the Four Hour Body.

Give it a shot, invite a few friends in, and see what it’s like to chat in real time! Click here to visit the 4HB Video Chat Group!

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