Learning Fast Effective Cardio from a body master

Have you been thinking about getting a little more active? Or are you concerned that the exercise you’re doing isn’t the most effective for losing fat while you’re on slow carb?

There are some common questions about exercise, and what to do for fat loss, which I’m sure will be answered as I take a look at a cardio workout that has proven successful for hundreds of thousands of people.

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With the weather being nicer outside, and this time of year being a little more inspiring than the deep depths of January, I’ll bet that you’re thinking about being a little more active.

Some of the great ways to enjoy the outdoors, such as biking, and running, are also great ways to help your body lose some fat. But there are a lot of questions surrounding these activities, and how often they should be done, and in what ways, and for how long, for ideal body changes to come from them.

That’s the question I had in my mind recently, and as if by magic, a friend of mine passed on a video that was made perhaps 10 or 15 years ago, which documents some amazing examples of body transformations, over the course of 12 weeks. Led by a desire to change, and fueled by a desire not only to look great, but to win some great prizes, a lot of people entered this challenge and got great results.

Of course, watching something like this is inspiring, and I had similar thoughts to when we were working with our Couples Challenge couples, who were on some amazing weight loss journeys of their own. It made me want to get up and go!

Which brings us to exercise.

Big transformations don’t happen without some. While it’s true that slow carb doesn’t require exercise for weight loss success, common logic tells us that the best results come from a combination of exercise, diet and supplements.

So I was very excited to learn a simple little workout, that can be used by everybody, to get a challenging workout. The best part? It only takes 20 minutes. And that includes the warm up and the cool down.

Now, I’m not going to take credit for this, because it’s been around for a while, and was developed by a guy whose name goes hand in hand with body transformation and change; Bill Phillips. This guy has been through bodybuilding, and has come out the other side providing personal training and exercise programs to thousands upon thousands of people, including plenty of everyday people like you and I.

His experience counts for a lot, and whilst his whole program might be a bit dated now, and doesn’t follow the Minimum Effective Dose standards set out in the Four Hour Body, this cardio training method is supported by modern research as being one of the best ways to get value for time.

This style of cardio exercise gets you better fitness, and a greater effect on fat loss than prolonger, steady exercise, like walking or jogging for an hour. Better yet, it is interesting, the time flies, and you can feel the benefits within a couple of weeks. The bursts of higher intensity help with all sorts of functions in the body, and its likely you’ll start really loving these workouts.

So what’s the method?

It’s quite straightforward and simple – you monitor your own effort level, where 0 is resting, and 10 is going all out. Here’s how the 20 minutes goes by:

  • Warm Up for 2 minutes Intensity goes from 0 – 5
  • Level 6 Intensity for 1 minute
  • Level 7 Intensity for 1 minute
  • Level 8 Intensity for 1 minute
  • Level 9 Intensity for 1 minute
  • Level 6 Intensity for 1 minute
  • Level 7 Intensity for 1 minute
  • Level 8 Intensity for 1 minute
  • Level 9 Intensity for 1 minute
  • Level 6 Intensity for 1 minute
  • Level 7 Intensity for 1 minute
  • Level 8 Intensity for 1 minute
  • Level 9 Intensity for 1 minute
  • Level 6 Intensity for 1 minute
  • Level 7 Intensity for 1 minute
  • Level 8 Intensity for 1 minute
  • Level 9 Intensity for 1 minute
  • Level 10 Intensity for 1 minute
  • Cool Down 1 Minute!

And that’s it. Pretty simple huh? And it works on any kind of activity, be it swimming, running, jogging, walking, cycling, hiking, elliptical, stairmaster, cross training,cross country skiing, and the list goes on.

I will guarantee that at the end of this, you will be feeling your heart beating, your blood pumping, you will be sweating and you’ll be wiped.

Where I differ from Bill Phillips on this program, is that his original program suggests 3 weights sessions per week, and 3 of these cardio sessions per week. I think that is too much, and would recommend a much more moderate program.

These cardio sessions, done 2-3 times per week, are adequate for most people. If you would like to incorporate some kind of resistance training, ie, weights, then consider your cardio days in relation to your workout days – don’t run the day after you do squats.

I suggest a maximum of 2 weights sessions per week, and 2 of these cardio sessions per week, however by no means do I mean this is required. Following a program like Occam’s protocol might see you at the gym once every 4 or 5 days, and doing one of these sessions in between each visit, for example.

Give this a try with a free mp3!

The easiest way to do this is to by using the free mp3 file I’ve created, that will guide you through each stage, so you don’t have to watch the clock! Simply load it onto your favorite music device, and you’re set to go! To get this file, all you need to do is sign up for our free newsletter, by filling in your email address below. You’ll get the file right after you confirm your email address!

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For anyone who is familiar with audio editing software, it’s great to overlay this track over your favorite short album, dance remix, or workout CD.

Do you have a great cardio technique that saves time and gets great results? Share your tip below in the comments!

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