How-to Guide: A New You for The Holidays

As fall approaches, it’s easy to look back and think of the summer past. Looking forward though is how amazing goals are reached, and right now it’s time to set a new target: The Holidays. In this guide, we will take a look at how you can create a target, and work towards it, so that when the day comes, friends and family will be shocked at how great you’re looking, and you’ll be feeling just as great on the inside. It’s the ultimate present to give yourself for the season of giving.

We’re going to get straight into it, and by the end of this article, you will have everything you need to be a different person in December (or whenever your goal is).

Step 1 – Get you Harajuku moment clear

Harajuku, in Japan, was the location for one particular 4HB case study’s moment of clarity, or described in different terms, his ‘boiling point’. There are very few people who have success with goals, that haven’t had a moment of clear decision, where they find an honesty with themselves that they may have previously not had, and in doing that, find that they can admit they are deeply unhappy with their current state of life.

This can be scary, challenging and tough, but there is a huge step forward in this moment – you finally have the ability to change your expectations of the future.

Without finding honestly about what things are like now, you can never find an important reason to change, and want something different in the future.If you are unhappy, but unwilling to admit it, you will never make changes in your life. Open yourself to the possibility that you can be more, and you have a right to expect different. Once you do this, you will find a way to achieve your goals, you don’t need to have any fear about that – there’s no giving up when you expect change to come, just paths to test and evalutate.

Step 2 – Plan to win, expect to succeed

With your change made in your mind, I honestly suggest that the rest is minor details. Though the ‘diet plan’ or lifestyle changes may seem like big things, they are merely the method to arriving at your destination, and they are far less important than the idea of that new destination. This doesn’t mean that not planning is an option though – not planning is planning to fail.Get started by taking a lighthearted approach – you will be changing your world, and yourself, and now you are on an adventure – a search if you like – to find out which method is going to take you there.

No longer is your success or self worth on the line – this is not a succeed or fail situation – this is much different.

You are going to find out what works for you, so you can share it with people later, and so that you can know more about yourself.Get familiar with the slow carb principles, understand the hows and whys, until you feel like your questions are answered. Starting with a clear idea in your mind of how you will do things is important.Grab a calendar, and mark down the weeks – note them out as ‘Slow carb 1′, ‘Slow carb 2′, and so on. You may well end up with 6 or 12 of these weeks, and you might also add notes to them, for example ‘Slow carb 5′ might also be ‘Kettlebells 1′, depending on the choices you make. Set a target date that you would like to see ‘significant changes’ by.

Target some numbers, or other measures that would mean a lot to you – for example belt notches, dress sizes, or perhaps even the ability to do certain activities. Make it something big enough that you will clearly see you have made a big change when you achieve it.

Step 3 – Equip yourself for success

Get prepared for your new lifestyle by getting all the necessary tools ready. This means food, shopping lists, recipes (if you like to cook), and perhaps some weight gloves, kettlebells, or a gym membership. Having everything at your disposal is key to getting started well.

Step 4 – Execute and repeat

This is the simplest step of all. There shouldn’t be any questions, unknowns, or scrambling to get things organized. When you start, start cleanly and definitely. Don’t ‘give part of it a try’ for a couple of weeks, make a clean cut from your previous ways, and fully embrace the new methods you have planned.The key to success in changing your lifestyle, body and life in general is to repeat with consistency. Don’t be overly concerned with minor variations, like taking a walk on Tuesday instead of Wednesday, but keep things 80-90% the same from week to week. This builds dependability, reliability, and makes it easier to check your results over time.

Step 5 – Measure and Evaluate

After you have been following your plan for a number of weeks – 4 or 6, for example, measure yourself, weigh in and check your progress. Evaluate, compared to your expectations, and the results of others you might read about. Then, look ahead, focus on what is left to go to your final goals, and get back into your rhythm. Counting how far you’ve come is good to do, but not good to focus on, as it tends to take the sting out of motivation to continue.

Step 6 – Share and Inspire

Being consistent with a good plan is a sure method to success. Be aware that it may come on a slightly different timeline than you expected, however, in the long term, you will achieve your goals.You will also notice that other people are interested in what your’re doing, and in particular may be interested in how you’re doing it, so they can replicate the great results you’re getting.

Find the joy and satisfaction in sharing with other people, but remember everyone is different and some people might not have made their Step 1 change yet – if that’s the case, share your methods with them but don’t feel compelled to help them on their way, or to try to motivate them. These kinds of changes are ones that need to be made within.

That’s it!

Check the above 6 steps, and look at your calendar – there’s around 10 weeks until mid-December- the perfect amount of time to get some really serious and obvious results in changing your body and feeling amazing by doing that. Refer to as much information as you need to get started, but remember to always be clear with yourself that the reason for change your discovered in Step 1 is the most important thing to keep in mind. Don’t get caught up in the method, or put it as a priority ahead of your reason for change.

Start Now

Maybe it’s weird, maybe it’s painful. Take 15 minutes to concentrate and focus on how much you want this change in your life. This is your time to have your Harajuku Moment. You don’t need to put it off for any longer. Just be here now, get clear and honest with yourself and from here on in, it’s all downhill. Good luck, and all the best!

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