Fat Loss before the New Year

Did your Christmas cheat day extend into Boxing Day? Or maybe there’s been a couple too many cheat days in the holiday season? Not to worry, even with just a few days of 2011 left, follow this simple plan and you could be carrying less fat in the new year than you are right now. It’s simple, to the point and won’t kill your celebrations on Saturday night.

With a few days of the year remaining, it would be easy to think that this week is a write-off, and that any holiday fat gain is destined to continue through into next week, into 2012.

But that’s not how you want to start the new year!

Why not start it having turned the corner from those cocktail parties, those heavy family dinners, and those all-too-easy-to-eat snacks that no doubt were left, right and center over the last week.

Get set for the fastest tune-up you’ve ever done, and you’ll feel great for it. Of course, this is a great recipe to kick-start progress – so if you’re reading this and the New Year has past, then not to worry! This 3 day recipe for success with help, no matter what time of year it is!


Step 1. Check out the calendar

There’s 3 full days before 2012. That’s a lot of time, and you can use it wisely.

Step 2. Go slow carb

Like you’ve never gone before. I’m talking about clockwork meals, perfect low fat protein portions, and no skimping on the vegetables. 1/2 cup – 1 cup of beans at each meal, plenty (10-12 glasses) of water each day. Cut any salt out.

Step 3. Get sleepy

And give yourself time to rest. Even if you normally sleep 6 hours a night, set up your schedule so you can get 9 hours. If that’s impossible, then go for 8.

Step 4. Be Efficient

And train with weights, or a kettlebell. One workout either Friday or Saturday – and really push yourself to failure point. Beyond anxiety, beyond a hint of pain (though always use correct form to avoid injuries), and to your absolute limit and then some. Do an Occam’s Protocol workout, an alternate weight session, or a good Kettlebell workout. If all else fails, head on over to www.maxcapacitytraining.com and take on one of their 20 minute training sessions.

Before your workout day, either Thursday or Friday, do a 20 minute Fast Cardio session (see the how-to here).

Step 6. Take it all in

Give yourself one hour on your calendar, or in your diary, between now and Saturday night, to do something you really enjoy doing, that brings you a lot of joy. This could be anything from singing to dancing, tinkering with your car to painting.

Step 7. Enjoy the New Year

If Saturday is your cheat day, and you’re heading out in the evening, delay your cheat foods until dinner time by enjoying a slow carb breakfast and lunch. Then enjoy yourself, have some fun and relax. You will be healthier on Sunday that what you are today. And that’s an awesome way to start a new year.


Happy Holidays, and all the best in great health, great fitness and great happiness in 2012!

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