Are cravings a sign?

How often do you have a craving? How intense is it? For many people, perhaps for yourself, cravings can be a disruptive part of every single day, and they can be hard to ignore. Though sometimes we just feel like having a treat, there could be a much more serious message that a craving is sending to you. Find out now what that is, and how to take action to correct the problem.

Is it chocolate?

Is it donuts?

Maybe it’s cherry pie?

Whatever that craving is, it can hammer into your head like nothing else, and if you try to ignore it, it’ll just get louder. Sometimes there seems to be no relief, as you hold out for cheat day to bring some relief.

But what if a craving was more than just an urge to eat something that’s a bit ‘naughty’, and actually something that shouldn’t be ignored.

Even more importantly, what if a craving was actually a sign that if used properly, could help you increase your fat loss?

Sit up and listen to that craving

Though it might just be an occasional bell that tolls for chocolate cake, your cravings might be more frequent and stronger than a hankering for something tasty.

In fact, if you have cravings every day, there’s problem more involved than just a battle of willpower.

A craving that keeps coming back, and focuses on a very sweet or very fatty treat could well be a sign that you’re undereating.

And undereating is a situation that you definitely want to avoid, if you’re trying to lose fat. If you’re happy to be stuck with stubborn bodyfat, then go ahead and ignore that craving.

What’s the message?

It could be that you’re not getting food when you need it. Or it could be that you’re just not getting enough.

You need to sit down and check out how you eat. But this isn’t easy to simply remember, and review.

So, you need an easier method, and one that’s more reliable and less able to be manipulated than your own memory.

Get the power

If cravings are  a common feature of your weeks, then I want you to make one very clear step towards listening to their message, and potentially eliminating them entirely.

Grab a pen, grab a piece of paper, and write the heading “Food Log for 3 Days”.

Then, write tomorrow’s Day and Date under the heading.

From now on, everything you eat goes on this sheet.

Make sure you include:

  • Time of eating
  • What foods were eaten
  • What quantities were eaten
Now, if you’re sure of quantities then good. If you’re not – no guessing! You’ll probably overestimate.
And make sure you use a pen to do this. No pencils allowed.
And no matter how much you feel like skipping the exercise, and jumping to the conclusion – don’t!

What you might learn

You might find out that your eating patterns are really out of whack. Or you might find out that you’re skipping more meals than you thought.

Measure your results against this benchmark:

  1. Eating 4 meals per day?
  2. Each meal has low fat protein, veges and beans/lentils?
  3. Each meal has minimum 25g protein?
  4. Averaging 4 hours between each meal?
  5. Not skipping 1 meal in a week?
  6. Never feel very hungry between meals?
  7. Eating a minimum of 1500 calories per day?
It’s actually that simple. Check out any differences between your results and habits, and those listed above. That will give you a very good picture.
If you learn that your routine is well off this benchmark, then you have something to change, and I’d expect your results – that is your cravings – to change when you change your habits.
Do not – I repeat DO NOT – think that your case is a special one and therefore you need to customize or modify the principles involved. For 999 people in 1000, the principles work just fine without modification. For that 1 person – they already know their metabolism, or body’s management of fat is disrupted due to medications, or chronic illnesses. This is more likely than not, not you.
And don’t think that your routine makes it impossible to follow this method. There are people all over the world, from steel workers to teachers, students to travelling sales reps who find a way to make this work. If you use your circumstances as a reason why you can’t follow this, then it’s likely that there’s underlying reasons why you don’t want to change. (Remember we will always do more to avoid pain than gain pleasure – what pain are you avoiding?).

What this all means

This means that you might just have something that you can change, that helps get rid of those cravings that have been plaguing you.

For more people, this is awesome news, and for many, it could result in healthier, more long lasting fat loss. Generally speaking also, if you’re under-eating, adjusting your meals will result in more energy, and perhaps a more energized and happy frame of mind.

My hope is that you aren’t continually plagued by such feelings, as they’re no fun, they’re not comfortable and they are downright distracting. The times when I’ve had the most severe cravings have been when I underdid my protein portions while I was working out intensely, and you better believe that I wasn’t thinking about protein when the cravings came along! By this is just one example – there’s lots of possibilities, which is why measuring your routines against the benchmarks here can be really useful.

Please let me know if you’ve had experience with cravings, and what they meant to you. Plus, if you found a way to lose them for good, I’d love to hear about it!

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