[VIDEO] Slow carb simplicity – Get it in one video

Here’s a question for you. Do you understand slow carb? Really get how the food works to help you lose fat, or what changes happen in your body? Are you a bit confused about certain foods, or why some foods are allowed while other ones aren’t? Where you’ve read the book or not, making sense of all the details can be challenging. So, I’ve put together a video that gives you the complete foundation to get all of this, without reading another page.

Of course, some of us love to read, but reading takes time, and focus, and if it’s details and new information, sometimes I find I have to read something twice or even three times.

That’s why I wanted to make it easier to learn some information that I think should be taught at high school - it’s that important.

So I set out to create a video that can be watched, and will give you the real, truthful and genuine details about how your body works with gaining fat and losing fat. I cover some information you might not see in magazines, or even in some diet books. But that doesn’t mean it’s complicated! I also include the basics of slow carb, which simplifies the great information offered by a number of books on the subject.

This video gives you such a good start to understanding fat loss, that you might even decide to switch away from the beans, but still have the knowledge you need to make great choices in the future. See, my aim was to give you knowledge, not just a method, so that the effect is long-lasting. This basic information isn’t going to change – no matter what fad diet comes out, the principles of how your body works stay the same.

You can watch this on your computer, or on your Smartphone or Tablet - but please be aware of your data usage if you’re on a mobile network.

play video icon 150x150 [VIDEO] Slow carb simplicity   Get it in one video Click here to watch this video, about fat gain, your body, and the fundamentals of slow carb.

Of course, I haven’t simply reworded stuff you’ve already read. My research has been ongoing for over a year now, and this is a combination of lots of different sources of information, compiled to be easily understood. So, you get all the benefits, but don’t have to wade through book after book to understand it all! I think this is the best of both worlds, because I don’t leave out important details, and I’m not trying to tell you that some diet pill or protein powder is going to fix all your problems. This is science-based, and also makes use of results from lots of different people around the world – so what I’m talking about really works, you can be sure of that.

If you’re finding that there’s questions circling in your mind, or you’re not too sure about why slow carb lets you eat certain foods, then this will help to clear this up for you.

This video actually gives you some background, as well as explaining the lifestyle you can follow to lose fat. And I don’t leave anything out! You’ll get a shopping list, a complete video lesson and also the audio version to download.

Watch the video now, and see if it fills in some of the gaps for you.


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