What’s the easiest way to follow slow carb? [VIDEO]

How close is your lifestyle to the slow carb principles that result in fast fat loss, and easy results for a lot of people? Does your routine support losing fat, even while you sleep? Have you wondered about whether or not parts of your life are making it more difficult for you to lose fat? Now, there’s a much easier way to figure this out and see what factors affect your fat loss results.

Imagine for a minute that you are starting your day, and I’m standing next to you..

You’re waking up to your alarm, and I’m hanging out in the hallway, waiting to help you get started with your day..

You’re in the kitchen, having some breakfast, and I’m there for you to chat with..

On your drive to work, or school, I’m sitting in the passenger seat..

During the day, I’m casually following you around, and we can chat about your day..

In the evening, I’m on the treadmill next to you at the gym, or I’m sitting next to you on the couch enjoying a glass of wine..

And before bed, I’m there in the kitchen, opening the jar of almond butter you have in your pantry…

Creepy huh? icon smile Whats the easiest way to follow slow carb? [VIDEO]

OK, but seriously, now imagine that I compiled all your daily habits, without much effort at all from you, and then gave you one simple, little number back, that let you know how much your lifestyle would affect your fat loss results.

That lost bit of sleep on Tuesday night. That sweet potato on Thursday night. Missing the gym for a week. Having a latte the other morning.

How do they all stack up together?

Is fat loss a black and white things, like on or off, or is it a grey area?

Though the fundamentals of fat loss are simple and clear, in real life nothing really functions so simply, or distinctly. Everything has it’s effects, big or small. But not normally on, or off.

So, what if I told you now that you don’t need me following you around to get this little number?

And that, along with it, you’ll be able to see some simple visual graphs that show the relationship between, for example, your sleep patterns, and your fat loss?

Well, it is possible, and what’s more, you don’t need to spend hours every week figuring this stuff out.

So let’s turn what you’ve imagined into reality. I’d like to show you something I’ve been working on lately:

Just in case the video isn’t easy for you to watch, it shows the Lifestyle IQ Calculator that I’ve created, that takes into account your lifestyle patterns, and how they relate to you losing fat or maintaining your weight.

Whether or not you could see the video, the key message is that all you need to do is enter in some simple ratings – out of 10 in most cases – and you’ll get back a calculated number – your LifestyleIQ, that shows how close you are to the ideal fat loss lifestyle.

With this number, you can then see the links between your results, and your lifestyle habits. Skip breakfast on Tuesday? Had a beer or two one night? Your LifestyleIQ takes it into account, and considers how important each of those factors is in losing fat. Then it gives you a number you can refer to.

Now, of course no one is a machine, so these results will vary a little from time to time, and most likely it’ll take a few weeks to start seeing trends. But over a couple of months, you will see patterns developing, and you’ll be able to adjust your lifestyle based on your results, and priorities.

As well as the LifestyleIQ number, you also get complete visual charts that show how different parts of your lifestyle impact your fat loss, to see what links with your results. For some people, losing sleep could stop fat loss in it’s tracks. For other people, a few slip ups with food during the week could do it. Other people might be able to continue losing fat through either of these challenges, but if they have a week off weight training their results may halt or slow down. It’s different for you, and for me, but the visual charts can show you what’s relevant for you and your lifestyle.

Currently, this complete tool is available as part of the six module video course I have developed, that helps you get started, get great results, and be confident for a future of easy weight maintenance. As part of that course, it is an incredibly value component that makes every member’s life a lot easier. This course includes over 7 hours of video, 30 Info Sheets, 6 Action Guides, an eBook and other downloads as well as the LifestyleIQ Calculator, plus a number of emails every week to keep you on track, and a free week of coaching one-on-one. If you’d like more information on it, please click here to find out more.

For a limited time though, I’ve decided to offer this tool separately from the course, for anyone who feels they could benefit from having a simple and easy to read summary of their lifestyle and results.

lifestyle iq graphic Whats the easiest way to follow slow carb? [VIDEO]

You can get this incredible tool, which uses a completely unique algorithm to calculate your LifestyleIQ number, for just $27 $7.

You can pay easily and securely with a credit card, or with a PayPal account, and you’ll receive an email with your download soon after.

You can buy the LifestyleIQ Calculator now and get started calculating your personal LifestyleIQ today. All you need on your computer is Excel!

Get your download immediately after paying, and start using the LifestyleIQ Calculator today!

Purchase and Download Now:

excel lifestyle iq icon Whats the easiest way to follow slow carb? [VIDEO]







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10 Responses to What’s the easiest way to follow slow carb? [VIDEO]

  • Luke says:

    To everyone who has purchased already – we had an issue with the email system that sends the download link. I am very sorry for this inconvenience – I have personally emailed every person who has purchased, and supplied a new download link, in case you haven’t received your link.

    For anyone considering the LifestyleIQ Calculator, the email issue has been fixed, and is now processing as it should be. You will receive your download link by email immediately after payment has been processed.

    Thanks, and please accept my apologies for any inconvenience you experienced.


  • Hi Luke,
    Joined you mailing list a few weeks ago.
    Liked you lifestyle IQ calc and paid for it with paypal. Transaction went through no problem (https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_view-a-trans&id=4TM26120PR1429121)
    But no download.
    please advise

    • Luke says:

      Hi Terry, Sorry that doesn’t sound right at all. I’ll check this out and make sure you get this as soon as possible.
      Sorry for the inconvenience.

    • Luke says:

      Hi Terrance, to update you – I have emailed you directly with a new link. I think the download email may have gone to your Spam folder, if you didn’t see it.
      Sorry again for your inconvenience.
      Thanks for your purchase and all the best,

      • Brandon Watkins says:


        I had the same thing happen to me the other day, I also paid through Paypal. I have emailed a couple times about this. I checked my spam folder as well and didnt have a download email there.
        Please help.


        • Luke says:

          Hi Brandon,

          I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.

          I have emailed you back – please let me know here if you don’t receive my email. I’m concerned perhaps my email acct has been compromised.


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