Slow carb vs calorie counting vs low carb vs low fat [VIDEO]

Have you ever wondered how slow carb compares to the most popular diet methods out there? Whether it’s a points system diet plan from a corporate company, or what you see recommended in a magazine – how does it all stack up? I had asked exactly this question, many times, so I found out, and create a video to explain the differences.

In this video, I go into detail of each method and what effect it has on your body.

Plus, I look at how effective each is in terms of fat loss in the short term and importantly, in the long term.

If you’ve ever wondered how different diet systems work, then this is a short video that you’ll not only learn lots from, but breath a sigh of relief after you watch it, because you’ll completely understand how your body responds to different diet methods.

To watch this video (it’s free and works on your computer, phone, or tablet), simply click here. There’s no sign up, no email address, no membership required.

Simply click here to watch this video, and learn how Tim Ferriss’ slow carb diet compares to counting calories, how slow carb compares to Atkins or low carb diets, and how slow carb compares to low fat diets that include whole grains.

I truly hope this helps you understand these questions and answers the questions you’ve had.

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