The ‘Uber-engineered vacation solution’ for weight loss on holiday

Ok, so this one’s a little technical.

But it goes something like this: Vacation, let’s say to a beautiful beachside resort, which generally involves plenty of breakfast buffets, lunch buffets, dinner buffets, and booze. I think you get the picture.

Here’s the strategy keeps you from killing the weight balance on the plane when you fly home:

- You start the day with protein only – head for the egg section of the buffet and enjoy.. think about eating the equivalent of around 4-6 eggs. Careful with scrambled – many have milk and that’s no good for the Uber-engineered vacation solution. We’re looking for pure protein and fat.

- You continue the day by hitting every bit of protein available on those buffets. No need to overeat, but remember the benefit with this – if you’re all-inclusive, you’re eating the most expensive food! Enjoy and get your money’s worth! Add to you plate whatever leafy salad they have going.. and trade the salad dressing for salt and pepper.

- Water. Drink it like it’s going out of fashion. You’ll be sweating, so it’s going to make sense. But drink plenty of it.

- Booze. Drink it! You’re on holiday. Try to have some times that you’ll remember though, of course. And while we’re on booze – lose the cocktails during the day. If you’re boozing and the sun’s out, stick with straight spirits mixed with ice, water or diet pop. No exceptions.

- Evening – Enjoy your dinner, and feel free to go for the most expensive protein on this buffet too – just make sure it’s not super fatty. Same goes for anything else – vegetables with butter? Pass. Cheese ball dipped in some other kind of cheese? Skip that. Focus on desserts that are fruit-based, therefore low in fat. And if you yogurt – yogurt the no-fat way. I promise there’s a method to the madness.

- Booze at night – ok have that cocktail. Enjoy the rum and coke, the wine or the thing with the umbrella and cherry. Whatever it is, it’ll probably make you feel good (though I take no responsibility for your hangover!)

- Sleep – Here’s a good tip. Get some! Err sleep that is. Try to make sure you’re clocking in a minimum of 7 hours every night. For you, 10 hours might be a given, but if you’re prone to late night parties and early morning beach walks, maybe skip the walk for some more zeds and enjoy the rest of your day more!

- The ‘next morning’ – this will probably be every morning after your first night. Here’s the pro-tip – eat little or not at all until lunch. If you’ve eaten a fairly carb-heavy (but low fat, right!) meal the night before, you’ve got plenty to run on for a few more hours after you get up. Yep, I know this is counter intuitive, that’s why I’ve included the ‘out’ – a few eggs in the morning will be fine. Just don’t go hoovering down half the buffet.

- That gym no one uses. You’re going to use it. Twice if you’re away for a week. You’re going to do ‘stuff’ in there that makes you sweat and makes you feel like you can’t move the weight anymore. Skip the treadmill unless you’re going to do sprints. I’m talking about moving some weights around in a controlled way that challenges your muscles. Mid afternoon if probably best, unless you’d already by looking at a DUI if you drove there. Then the morning is probably best for you. Space these workouts apart by a couple of days if you can.

- Maintain the cycle! You’re eating light, protein plus fat during the day, then protein plus carbs in the evening. You’re drinking clear booze and low sugar wine by day, and cocktails and mixers by night. Sounds like a good deal eh?

- Last thing – whenever your last day is, flip the food rules. You want to enjoy all that good food, and know that you’re not missing out. So, the last day you’ll have the pancakes for breakfast, the delicious pastry for lunch, and you might not feel like eating dinner, but if you do, make it high protein and lower in carbohydrates. You literally can’t gain much if you’re only eating this stuff for one day. If you can do a workout or crazy active adventure sport in the morning or afternoon this day, you’ll literally be having your pancakes and eating them too.


What do you think? Sounds a little crazy? Who doesn’t get crazy on their vacation!? And it’ll be a fun ice breaker when you’re toting some crazy cocktails at night, and hitting the vodka lemon water by day.

There no guarantee this will shed pounds like slow carb does, but you’re not likely to gain too much either. Let me know if you’re going to try it next time you head away!

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