Is your belly worth $1Million?

Is your belly worth $1,000,000? Are your thighs likely to net you a huge payday someday soon? Think not? Think again… Tim Ferriss is hoping to give away a $1M pot in his latest event.  Get the details here and see how you can be in the prizemoney.

Whether you’ve been thinking about losing some weight, or you’re on track already, this is going to appeal to you.

The latest announcement from Tim Ferriss is that for the next 4 weeks, he’s staging a massive event with thousands of people losing fat together. He wants to lose 1,000,000 lbs collectively, and he wants everyone to tip in their bet, and through in a little bit of extra commitment into the mix.

Whether or not you win the pot is up to you – how good your transformation is in the 4 weeks that follow.

Before you read all the details, I have a few suggestions to really make the most of this challenge:

  1. Make sure you know slow carb inside out
  2. Use weights workouts to improve muscle, and increase fat burning
  3. Use interval training to drop more fat and keep your metabolism revved all week long
  4. Use your cheat afternoon to reload carbs, but keep fat to a minimum on these days
  5. Throw in a fast from when you go to bed on cheat day, through to the following dinner (drink lots of water and green tea this day)
  6. Take a fat loss accelerator – PAGG is my recommendation
  7. Get cold! Include some ice therapy (ice bath 2x week or cold pack every night over shoulders/neck), or cold showers (daily)
  8. Include some creatine in your routine
If you’d like some one-on-one support, I have an incredible offer that’s only going to be around during this challenge.
Likewise, if you’re not that familiar with slow carb, I have a solution to get you up to speed very quickly, just in case you don’t have time to order and read a 500 page book, or sift through article after article, or forum posts online.
For the next 4 weeks only, I’m offering my video course at a massive discount - 50% off in fact. This course isn’t some simple reproduction of the slow carb diet. It’s based on 18 months of living the lifestyle, and working with a lot of people on their fat loss journeys.
I’ve taken all of the best information, from books, research reports and real-world training, including much more than what you’d find in the book, and packaged it together in an easy to understand, and efficient course that gets you up to speed fast. You get 6 video modules, case studies, PDF downloads, regular emails, eBook bonus, and a great tracking tool to use. And of course, if you don’t think the course is for you, you can get your money back any time in the first 2 weeks.
In addition to all of this, you get one-on-one email support for the first week of the program. This means you’re emailing me, directly, and getting priority responses, within 24 hours. You won’t have any questions unanswered, and you’ll be set to make some amazing progress.
To check out more details on Complete Bodyfat Control, make sure you use this link to get the (massive) discount.
If you want to get all the details on the challenge, and how you can enter, you can read the original blog post here.

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