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It’s pretty often these days that you hear about what could help you live a longer, more full life. Not all those reports however include some pretty sexy details about what specifically could have an impact, and the number of years that you might be around longer, if you follow these activities. Read on for those exact details.

Living longer is more than likely a goal for anyone who likes being here, on Earth. Whether it’s to see grandkids one day, check out how the world changes from decade to decade, or be around as long as possible to contribute to the betterment of mankind, there’s oodles of reasons you might like a few more years.

Some clever research scientists (not generally sexy) have figured out some very sexy numbers that could actually inspire you to hop up right now and get moving. And this is no small study! They followed 650,000 people, aged 21-90 years old, for an average of 10 years.

So you an bet they know what they’re talking about. Here are the highlights:

  • Comparing no activity to low activity (maybe 75 mins of walking per week), people had an average gain of 1.8 years of life.
  • Comparing no activity to 150 mins or more, per week had an average gain of 3.4-4.5 years of life.
  • Being this active, and having average bodyweight is associated with an extra 7.2 years!
  • Being inactive, but average weight, averaged 3.1 fewer years of life compared to being obese and active!!

So there’s a pretty great incentive to include some activity in your week as a routine thing to do. You’re looking at between 1.8 – 7.2 years of life, depending on the details. That sounds like a pretty great option, considering being active also helps improve your mood, and helps keep chronic ailments like high blood pressure at bay.

If you’ve been focused on losing weight, but not so focused on including some exercise in your week, I recommended having a think about some active things that you will enjoy doing, and start off with 20-30 minutes, 3 times per week. From there, you might have some new ideas about what else you might like to be doing. And the more you feel enjoyment from being active, the better you’ll feel about keeping it up, and the better your body will feel every day!

Thanks to Spanishale for the photo.

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