4 Reasons to Rethink Weight

Weight is used so commonly that it’s become the accepted single number that we look to, when assessing broadly whether we are ‘in shape’ or ‘out of shape’. It’s also used to indicate which portion of the population we fit in with, and then apply a label to. Though it is one metric that should not be ignored, I’ve got 4 reasons that will make you completely rethink weight like never before.

I’m not going to dance around, and involved you in some kind of mysterious treasure hunt for these reasons either. They’re going to be plain, simple and clear. So here we go.

Reason 1: Bodyfat percentage

This one might not be that new to you, but it is the single most important number to consider when you’re talking about losing weight (in fact that should be ‘losing fat’. Lose weight and you’ll lose muscle, and be less healthy).

Bodyfat percentage is the magic number that makes the difference between looking amazing at a certain weight, or looking flabby. And if you don’t believe me, check out these pics:

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Reason 2: The list of other factors that indicate your health

This list is exhaustive, but just a quick glance reveals things like; resting heart rate, heart rate recovery time after exercise, insulin sensitivity, blood pressure, cholesterol (good vs bad), ability to perform standard physical fitness tests, cortisol levels, concentration, mood, etc. And the list goes on. There are many, many more biomarkers of good health, which are starting to get tested in various health solutions being created by forward-thinking startups in the health space.


Reason 3: The Research that shows obese people live longer than people of average weight

This one will no doubt raise an eyebrow. A recent research report published indicates that obese people who exercise live an average of 3.1 more years than people of an average weight who do not exercise. That should seal the deal on the age-old question of weight being linked to good health. This study followed 650,000 people over an average of 10 years. So it’s not likely the sample size skewed the data.


Reason 4: Look in a mirror with your eyes. I don’t see a number anywhere.

Last time I looked, there wasn’t a number magically plastered on my body. My body was an organic, living, functioning, complex and constantly changing organism. To think that we can sum the health of such a complex system, or the suitability of a system for a particular purpose, down to the weight of that system is a great example of how we, as humans, thought that we knew everything about 50 years ago. We’ve realized that we don’t know everything, and though we continue to study, we learn every day that there’s a lot more we don’t know.


Feeling compelled to throw away the scale and start paying attention to how your body is feeling? The headache in the afternoon? The dry mouth in the mid-morning? The lack of energy when you wake up? How about paying attention to times when you feel great – perhaps right after a workout, or when you’re walking your dog in a park (did you know that visually seeing the color green reduces stress?). How about how you feel after a meal created from whole foods like vegetables, legumes and fish, compared to how you feel when you eat food from boxes. Nature didn’t put food in boxes. Nature also didn’t suggest that we decompose food down to constituent molecules, and then reassemble it to our liking. Try food and feeling your body, and leave the numbers and the math behind! You might discover a whole new world.


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4 Responses to 4 Reasons to Rethink Weight

  • John says:

    Excellent article! This expands on something I blogged about last week. My weight has just gone up, but body fat and waist size have decreased. I really like the idea about looking in the mirror and using other biomarkers in addition to just stepping on the scales. I think you’re right in that Fat-loss and weight-loss are not necessarily the same thing.

    • Luke says:

      Thanks John! Appreciate your comment. It’s funny how ‘weight’ has been the go-to for so many diets, and the media, for so long, that many people now believe it is important. Frankly the only time I think weight is the most important bio-measurement is when someone is dangerously low in weight, which inherently makes to easy to spot someone who has very little muscle and therefore is at risk of illness.

      All the best!

  • Conzz says:

    Hey man,

    Im enjoying your content. Im a guy in fairly good shape, that has a horrible ‘beer gut’ due to a year of no exercise and the worst diet imaginable. I used to do powerlifting and high-intensity resistance training such as weighted pull-ups and crossfit style thrusters etc..

    I want to train alongside this diet, yet I haven’t seen any literature for moderately out of shape guys who like to train hard. Any pointers in this respect would be much appreciated.



    • Luke Starbuck says:

      Hey Conzz,

      Sounds like you’re wanting to really get back in shape.

      For your situation, I’d suggest focusing on getting hormones back in shape first. So, start with the slow carb diet, and focus on getting great sleep, and doing some workouts that use your whole body. Eat biger in the evenings, and include some healthy fats in the evenings too. Include some intermittent fasting and your hormones should be really back in shape after 1-2 months. Then, and you’ll have lost some fat at this point too, get into really intense workouts and focus on fuelling them. Use slow carb as a base and add sweet potatoes to meals, and adjust portions to calorie requirements. I think you’ll pull back into shape nicely.

      Let me know how you’re doing!

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