Kat’s Extreme Fat Loss Experiment: 14lbs lost – Crazy Results!

Kat decided that she’d like to run a new experiment and see what kind of results she could get. Her goal: extreme fat loss. The time frame: 8 days from discussion to measurement, meaning she had just 7 days to get extraordinary results. How did she lose 14lbs on the scales?? Read on for all the details.

The Set Up

Kat is incredibly busy, and works super-hard, 7 days a week. She decided to see if it was possible to get ridiculous results, while maintaining a demanding schedule. Along with needing plenty of energy, she needed to be able to sleep well, and was clear that she wouldn’t be delving into the dark work of off-the-shelf stimulants to kick start any fat loss. She was hovering around 153lbs, at 6′ in height, with a measure of around 25% bodyfat.

The Goal

It was pretty simple really. She wanted to lose as much fat as possible, while preserving muscle mass. She also needed to have focus, concentration and energy, all week long. Sustainability was not a consideration. There was no ‘goal weight’ or bodyfat percentage.

The Lifestyle

We discussed some options, and I asked the critical question: On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being living like it was last week, and 10 being not able to avoid napping at times, how disruptive can this be? This question is designed to find out how extreme the habits can go, in relation to the rest of life that has to happen around the changes. For her, a 6 to 7 was acceptable. Having done some extreme fat loss experiments myself, I know what a ’9′ feels like, and that week involved bouts of sleeping at 2pm, and mindlessly watching TV for hours at other times. This method needed to be a little more moderate than that was.

The Prescription

Food – At a high level, my focus was on providing adequate protein, to spare muscle and provide slow digesting energy. At around 25% the insulin response of carbohydrate, protein is a great choice for stocking up on energy.

It also provides much needed nutrients to muscles being trained.

- Along with protein needed to come vegetables, to provide adequate variety, flavor and micronutrients. I biased the meals towards low starch vegetables, though not as restrictive as a typical slow carb meal.

- Higher fat intake was encouraged, especially in the first 4 days.

- Supplements were only used to improve good health, as this contributes to fat loss. Up to 15 Fish Oil capsules were taken daily. No other supplements were used.

- Water was a critical element – with a daily dose of 3 liters.

- Sodium was tapered off for the last 3 days.

- 3 Intermittent Fasts were used on specific days, 2 of which coincided with training days.

- Typical protein sources were eggs, ham, ground beef, low fat cheese, greek yogurt. Bacon was also included.

- Typical vegetables were carrots, cauliflower, celery. Sweet potato around workouts.

- Typical fats were mayonnaise, olive oil, butter, ground beef, sour cream, cream cheese, almonds, cashews (minimal), pistachios.

- Calorie counting was NOT used at any point.

- No snacking. An eating event had to be a meal, with protein, good fats, and some vegetables. Meal events had to be 2 hours apart at minimum. No more than 3.5 hours between eating, no matter how busy.


- Exercise was pronounced and specific. Absolutely NO steady-state cardio, and just 3 gym visits during the week.

- 2 gym visits featured a well rounded weights program, using machines and pushing to absolute failure at a moderate cadence, for 3 sets.

- 1 gym visit was a more agility based workout, that included a 20 minute crescendo interval session on the elliptical.

- 2 workouts were done approx 2 hours after breaking a fast with protein and vegetables

The Week

Kat diligently started the first day with an eggs and bacon breakfast, and promptly didn’t feel like eating for the whole morning.

When she got back into things for a late lunch, there were some sweet cravings, and when coffee time rolled by, around 4pm, she definitely felt the urge, but passed up the latte and went for an Americano (long black for the Aussies). The next couple of days featured a workout, more eggs and bacon, a couple of other meals with vegies and ham, vegies and beef. Some small meals of cheese, almonds, carrots. Day 3 featured an extended period of time of not eating, which resulted in some pretty serious cravings.

This was due to being focused so hard on what she was doing that the clock literally flew by and 4.5 hours were gone. By day 4, things were a little tough, so a Diet Coke solved the sweet craving. Other than this, however, things were going well. Kat had been working like mad, and had had enough energy to get through her insane to-do lists. Day 5 and she attended a media interview taping while on her fast, and then followed in the afternoon with a protein-based meal and a weights workout.

Today some sweet potato and a bite of a corn chip with a meal provided some delicious carbs. Day 6 and 7 featured low-salt, so the bacon was gone. So too were the eggs. Ham remained however, with cheese, almonds, carrots.

Another interval style workout, a little more casual this time as she was travelling.

The Result

At the start of Day 8, with a full 7 days behind her, Kat had dropped from 153 to 139 lbs. Of course, weight is but one measurement.

The other notable results from the week included a pair of pants there were bought on Day 3 and fitted tightly now had approx. 1 inch of clear space around the waist. A specific top was also noted to be much more loose. Definition was seen on the upper arms, and thighs, which had not been present previously, indicating fat loss from these two locations. Stomach was flatter.Strength was increased, suggested at least a preservation of muscle mass, if not a slight increase.

Mood and concentration had been steady for most of the week, despite very challenging circumstances, schedules and to do lists.


Though of course I can’t suggest that these results are typical, it’s true to say that seemingly extraordinary results can be achieved in a short amount of time, if you know what you’re doing.

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My focus with this particular plan was to exploit a low-carb style eating method, while loading protein, and combine with workouts that stimulate muscle growth (weights and intervals). Interval training also stimulates fatty acids to be released into the bloodstream and be used as energy.

The other aspect of this plan was the intermittent fasting, which allowed for food choices to be a little more relaxed with regards to vegetables that were a bit starchy. Carbohydrate timing was also used to take advantage of the workouts, and provide some relief from the tedium of low carb eating.

If you’re thinking about doing anything like the above, I would strongly recommend that you a/ speak with your healthcare professional and b/ have someone supervise who knows what they’re doing and can be on hand for those moments when you’re struggling a little. Being able to make some little changes and exceptions on the fly makes things much more smooth.
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9 Responses to Kat’s Extreme Fat Loss Experiment: 14lbs lost – Crazy Results!

  • Yeah.. says:

    I can lose 14 lbs in 1 day, including 3-4 inches on my waist.
    It’s called eat a big load of salty snack food, drink a gallon of 50% water/50% prune juice, then weigh in and take measurements. Continue to poop away the rest of the day. No exercise needed.

    I don’t know what you’re trying to say with “results” posts like these except that you don’t take any real data on body composition. Good luck selling your program.

    • Luke Starbuck says:

      Thanks for the comment.. though I don’t think you’ll be back, as there’s no legitimate email address.
      I agree there’s a lot of people who purposefully manipulate pre-weight (Tim Ferriss included) to show big results. In this case, Kat did not artificially inflate her weight with sodium consumption, carbohydrate loading or any other method that could be used. Certainly, some of the 14lbs was water lost as a result of moving from a moderate carbohydrate diet to a low carbohydrate diet, however, with her starting weight, it’s unlikely that more than 7lbs was water over this time.
      All the best,

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