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Recipe: Easiest Slow Carb Meals Ever (Slow carb slice)

Need the absolute easiest way to have slow carb meals every day, so you can lose weight more easily and spend less time making meals? This one recipe could save you hours every week, keep you on track when things get crazy busy, and make the difference between having  breakfast when you’re in a rush.

And you won’t believe how simple it is. To make, and to eat!


Preparation time: 10 minutes(!)

Step 1: Preheat your oven – Low – 245 degrees (F)

Step 2: Assemble Ingredients (see below)

Step 3: Blend!

Step 4: Grease bread tin with butter (real butter)

Step 5: Fill bread tin with ingredient mix

Step 6: Bake for 2h 45m at 250 degrees (F)

One extra step – Only needed the first time – check if it’s cooked through, if not, add an extra 15-30 mins of cooking time for every loaf.



For one loaf:

1 Can beans (540ml/18oz)

1 cup red split lentils (uncooked)

1 cup fresh spinach

2 cups frozen green beans

8 whole eggs (large)

2 cans tuna (175ml/6oz) drained OR 1 cup diced chicken breasts OR 7oz (200g or 1.5 cups) lean ham

Herbs or spices to taste – Suggest salt, pepper, cajun spices / mexican chili spices / taco seasoning

Ready to Eat

IMAG1050 1024x577 Recipe: Easiest Slow Carb Meals Ever (Slow carb slice)


If you’re in a maintenance phase, you might like to think about shredding some mozzarella cheese onto the top of the loaf before it goes into the oven


Serving Suggestion

Hot from the oven tastes delicious, as does cold straight from the fridge. Alternatively, you could reheat.

Serving size - for men, 3 or 4 servings from one loaf, for women, 4 or 5 servings depending on activity level.

And that’s literally it.

The conclusion to this delicious meal is that it can be eaten to start the day, or to finish it. And the time you save can be spent doing plenty of other cool things. And of course, the spices can be adjusted to taste, and the protein and vegetable ingredients can be played around with too. I’ve tried bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower and others.


Let me know if you try something different!



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23 Responses to Recipe: Easiest Slow Carb Meals Ever (Slow carb slice)

  • Steve says:

    Awesome! Thanks! I’ll be trying this soon.

  • Dan says:


    Just a question: Would this work as well to use either canned or raw lentils? I almost never eat lentils, and I was curious if this would work with something that would allow me to avoid soaking the lentils to sprout. (Actually, soaking beans is probably the biggest pain — thank god for canned beans!)


    • Luke Starbuck says:

      Hey Dan,
      Try red split lentils – no soaking needed.
      Canned lentils would work, but you’d have more water along for the ride and the consistency might not be right.
      All the best,

  • Rick says:

    Quick question:

    Do you mash the beans or chop the spinach/green beans?

    Just started 4HB this week, looking for new ideas to add to the mix. Thanks for the great site!

    • Luke Starbuck says:

      Hey Rick,
      No so much mash, but the beans are properly blended into the mix (they’re canned beans).
      The spinach is not chopped before, and nor are the green beans. Just use a blender on the ‘mean’ setting ;)


  • Adam says:

    Thanks for the recipe, making it now.

  • shirley says:

    thanks for this, made it a few nights ago and it’s been really easy to grab and go instead of having to make 5 meals.

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