Four Hour Body Fast Day

How can the Four Hour Body diet and lifestyle work with a fast day? What are the benefits? Can you lose fat faster, or gain muscle? Check out the answers.

A fast day is simply taking a day and not eating the regular meals you would. You might have black coffee, water, tea, but nothing else. Fast days are related to intermittent fasting, which is a method of setting fasting schedules from day to day, or a few times a week.

But does a four hour body fast day make sense?

Firstly, is fasting a fad, or unhealthy? In fact, quite the opposite. Fasting has been practised for a very long time (thousands of years), and it helps the body balance and repair. There are documented health benefits of fasting and recent research is starting to show just how wide the benefits are. These include fat loss, muscle growth, cell repair and blood sugar balance. All this is good news if you’re looking to get in great shape.

Where a fast day makes the most sense is the day after the four hour body’s ‘cheat day’.

Cheat day is a time to enjoy foods you wouldn’t normally eat, and the result in the body is some changes in fat storages, water retention and blood sugar balance. These are all temporary, and the big benefits from the cheat are both mental and physical – its a nice treat and very enjoyable, and for the body, it helps continue fat loss week and week, in part by increasing leptin levels, which control fat loss.

The best method to use is the feast-fast method.

This method is simple. Enjoying a feast day, and then following it with a fasting day leads to health benefits, and also reduces the effects of the feast day, in terms of fat storage. By following a feast with a fast, the body has an opportunity to use any excess energy that was consumed as the primary fuel for the next day. This adds up to getting the benefits of both the feast and the fast, and avoiding the downsides that come with the feast. Fasting also increases growth hormone and cell repair, which brings tremendous health benefits. (The fast must be at least 18 hours for big growth hormone benefits).

Try it out for yourself, and see how you do. You might like to start with a 14 hour fast. In this case, you stop eating around 9pm on your feast day, and then start eating again at 11am the next morning. No big deal, right?

Then try a 16 hour fast – stop eating at 9pm, and start eating again at 1pm. This is still easy and practical to follow.

Once you’re comfortable with the 16hr, try stepping up to a 20 hour – where you stop eating at 9pm and then start eating again at dinner time the next day – 5pm. The afternoon may be a challenge, so it’s great to be busy during this time.

Some people recommend moving the cheat/feast day to Sunday, so that you can be busy at work on Monday, and forget about the fasting. It depends a lot on how you react to the fast, and is probably best done only once you’re comfortable with fasting and how you feel while doing it.

During the fast, have plenty of water, with a little lemon juice if you like, and black coffee or tea. Some people find they have some stomach discomfort with certain kinds of teas, so experiment with what suits you. Personally, I find black coffee is great, and tastes delicious with some cinnamon in it.

Remember that fasting is a well established method of improving health in general, including weight loss, and in the case that any family or friends think you’re crazy, or try to pressure you to eat, direct them to this post, and help them understand the benefits for themselves, rather than trying to convince them.

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