Can you have butter on the 4 hour body diet?

For at least 12 years, I avoided eating butter. This was because everything I read about being healthy and losing weight told me that butter was a definite no-no. So how could it possibly be something to consider with the slow carb diet?

The ultimate question is can you have butter on the 4 hour body diet, and it’s a question that a lot of people ask.

The book talks about all different kinds of fats to cook with, and some of those weird things (ghee) aren’t really that easy to find.

The simple answer is – yes – but there’s a little more to it. Don’t worry, I’ll keep this short.

First consideration – butter is ideally from grass-fed cows. Why? This changes the nutrition in the butter, and grass fed is far superior to grain fed.

Second consideration – none of those ‘spreadable’ butters, or hybrid butter/margarine things. It doesn’t matter if they have olive oil, or even say Omega 3. The simple thing is that any spread made with oil is inferior to butter, and should be avoided.

Final answer – Natural butter is definitely OK on the slow carb diet. I have trouble finding grass fed butter, so I buy the most natural I can find, and eat less of it than I would if it was grass fed. I use it at least twice a day to cook eggs. I probably use 1 tablespoon with each meal.

The best part? It’s delicious!

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