Are Baked Beans White Carbs?

Those delicious little beans in the tin – are they slow carb friendly? Does a meal of baked beans and vegetables help with weight loss? Here’s the last thing you’ll need to read on the subject.

To answer this question, we need to agree that we’re talking about the same thing.

Baked beans are the packaged bean + tomato sauce combination that are often sold in grocery stores and regularly packed on camping trips.

The beans themselves are in fact navy beans. They are then mixed in with a tomato based sauce, and packaged up, ready for delicious breakfasts, lunches, and quick and easy dinners.

The slow carb diet is all about eating beans, lentils, protein and vegetables – so does that mean baked beans are a good option for weight loss?

The reality of baked beans is that the amount of navy beans in the can is probably only about half of the contents. The remainder is the tomato based juice.

The tomato sauce found in baked beans is in fact a combination of tomatoes, water and some form of sugar, such as corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup or cane sugar.

You’ve probably guessed by now that this isn’t ideal, and you’re right.

In fact, that amount of sugar added to these cans puts them closer to a mars bar than a clean plate of black beans, chicken and spinach. This isn’t a question of a little added sugar, these cans are packing a serious about of the sweet stuff.

For this reason, I suggest to all my clients and those taking my Complete Bodyfat Control course that baked beans are definitely ones to avoid. If you need an extra reason, often it’s navy beans that are responsible for the uncomfortable gas that people think of when they think about beans. As it turns out, black beans and red kidney beans often don’t have the same result.

An alternative is to grab some black beans, and 2 tbsp of (no sugar added) salsa, and cook them up with a little water. You’ll have a tasty bean mix, and you will have avoided all that added sugar.

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