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Get Better Sleep

Sleep is a hot topic, as your workday pushes longer, and you want to enjoy some of your day too, its difficult to find a chance to really get a good night’s sleep during the week. Then on the weekend, a sleep in might be nothing more than a dream, as kids wake you up, or your to do list comes screaming at 9am on Saturday morning.

But sleep is a critical factor for good health. From concentration through to fat loss. From building muscle to reducing stress levels. You could say that sleep is the cheapest supplement available, with the most wide-ranging benefits, and yet it seems to be one of the hardest things to maintain. Experts suggest that between 8 and 9 hours of sleep per night is ideal, and if you’re working out at all, this is especially true. Some people still do alright with 7-8 hours, but any less and your body is not functioning as it was intended to.

If you’re low on sleep, either by the clock, or in sleep quality, you’re more likely to store fat, and more likely to be unhealthy.

Actions to test for a better night’s sleep

  • maintaining a certain temperature in your room
  • use a sleep device to monitor your sleep, and wake up at the best time
  • use a night time pulsing light
  • take some supplements to increase deep sleep and total REM sleep
  • use a certain position in bed
  • take a cold bath one hour before bed
  • add a small snack before bed, and avoid low blood sugar the next morning
  • consider adding Flaxseed oil at night to increase cell repair
  • use a humidifier to eliminate sinus problems (and reduce facial wrinkles!)
  • eat a large fat and protein meal within 3 hours of going to bed
  • use light cues to help your body stay in a wake and sleep cycle
  • use the ‘Pre Hab’ workouts (isolateral – involving stabilizing muscles)

All of the above is covered in greater detail in the Book Chapter: “Engineering the Perfect Night’s Sleep”. (To grab a copy of the book, click here)

Tools for better sleep

Zeo sleep coach

This little device is pretty great.

It watchesyour brain waves while you’re asleep, and records your sleep, in time, and in quality. It uses how much REM sleep you had to determine that. You get a graph of all this information, and you can check over your results to see what your average night’s sleep is like. But that’s only part of what it does – you really need to check out all the details on this page. There’s also a new version that’s ultra-portable - you’ll find it linked-to from that page!

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Click here for more information on the Zeo Sleep Coach



California Poppy Extract that Tim found to improve deep sleep:

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Click here for more information on California Poppy Extract


Huperazine-A Tim found improve REM sleep:

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Get more information on Huperzine A here


 Philips Go Lite

The Philips Go Lite can help you maintain your sleeping/waking cycle if you’re working shifts, having late nights, study late, or travel. It also helps seasonal depression, by prompting the brain into thinking it’s daytime a little earlier and later than it is, in winter.

The light creates chemical changes in the brain and body, which can make you feel more like you do in summer – alert, refreshed and awake after a good night’s sleep.

It’s great if your body-clock needs a bit of help.

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Get more info and reviews on the Go Lite here



Nightwave is a pulsing light, small enough to fit in your pocket. This slow pulsing light may help you get to sleep faster.

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Get more info on this handy little sleep-helper here


Portable Humidifier

Do you have any sinus problems overnight? It’s important to address any of these problems, as you seek a better night’s sleep. Humidifiers can help the problem, plus ease wrinkles. This humidifier is small enough to travel with, but also great as a regular addition to your bedroom at home.

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Get more info on this compact portable humidifier here

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