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Break a Fat Loss Plateau

Once you’ve been losing fat for a few weeks, or a few months, things can suddenly grind to a halt, even if nothing seems to have changed in the way you’re eating, exercising and living life. Fat loss plateaus can be very frustrating at times, but generally they are temporary bumps in the road. It’s important to keep focussed on your goal, and the long term sucess you want, rather than minor changes in measurements or weight from week to week. The key to achieving what you want is to have a long term view, and be confident knowing that the slow carb diet works for almost everyone who tries (those with some preexisting medical conditions excepeted).

Often, a fat loss plateau can be traced back to some minor changes that may have happened over time. It’s easy for habits to change from week to week, and it not be obvious until you check your habits compared to when you started.

There’s a few things to do first, to help you address a fat loss plateau, if you haven’t seen a change in weight or measurements for two weeks running.

Here are some specific actions to test if you are having a Fat Loss Plateau:

  1. The First Things to Try

  2. Start Kettlebell workouts

  3. Test Using PAGG Supplements

  4. Try the Shangri-La method for 2 weeks

  5. Start a weights program like Occam’s Protocol

6 Responses to Break a Fat Loss Plateau

  • Charlie Cumming says:


    My girlfriend and I have been doing the 4hb scd for 13 weeks now, myself being a crohns sufferer have actually adjusted the diet as I tend to avoid beans and lentils and have replaced with low sugar fruits, my goal is not weight loss though more
    To add muscle.
    We have been eating every 4 hours and apart from the occasional pepper and tomatoe addition(as its not very clear in the book if you can eat these veg or not) we have been following the diet very strictly. We have also been doing kettlebells 2 to 3 times a week at the specified weights and repetitions and also the additional exercises, cat vomit etc.
    My girlfriend is also taking pagg, and the reason why I am posting is to see if you might be able to help as she is still having great difficulty getting rid of fat, having not lost a huge amount since the start, around a stone in weight.
    The only thing I might put it down to is our cheat day, we have been going a bit mad eating what we like and snacking a fair bit too – but only in the last two weekends have been eating protein breakfasts, so perhaps this is why?
    She does also have the odd spoonful of peanut butter in the week when she is very hungry before dinner so I’m not sure if this is a factor too. Any ideas?
    Kind regards


    • Luke says:

      Hi Charlie, I was glad to be able to respond to you by email, but for reference here, in case other people would like to know:

      For your muscle gains, you’d actually be better off switching, if you can, some of your low sugar fruit for Low GI alternatives like sweet potato, brown rice and quinoa, to have along with your meals of protein and healthy fats, plus vegetables.

      For your girlfriend, I’d like to let you know that things can go differently for different people, and for girls, things tend to go a little slower.

      That said, your comment on the cheat day is valid. Having a regular breakfast and just starting the cheat day at lunchtime is the best way to go.

      Kettlebells are a good start – for you, to add muscle, I’d suggest Occam’s Protocol. For your girlfriend, I’d suggest kettlebells along with some of the other exercises recommended, bird dogs, myo crunches, cat vomits, planks, etc.

      I’ve recently launched a new video course that goes through a lot of the lifestyle in detail, along with alternatives to the bean diet, and also how to adjust things for an easy future of weight maintenance. If you’d like more info on that, you can check it out at http://www.completebodyfatcontrol.com – there’s a whole module on exercise too.

      All the best,

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