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4. Try using the Shangri-La Method

This diet could also be called the ‘set point diet’, where the set point is a natural bodyfat percentage that your body is trying to maintain. The theory behind this diet is that the set point goes down between eating, and then goes when eating. The more strongly the food you are eating is linked in your brain with calories of energy, the more it raises your set point.

Following this method is as simple as consuming flavorless calories, once per day, at least one hour away from any other foods, or drinks with flavor.

Many people have lost a lot of fat using this technique, and it’s been around for a while now.

To learn more about this technique, check out the bonus chapter from the book:


Also, check out the book from which is was taken, which has more detail, by the author Seth Roberts – The Shangri-La Diet: No Hunger, Eat Anything, Weight-Loss Plan

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