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5. Start a weights program like Occam’s Protocol

If you’re looking for a workout program using weights, the Occam’s Protocol program offers a range of highly functional resistance exercises that develop large amounts of muscle. Better yet, it doesn’t sap hours out of your day – in fact the workouts are short, and time between each workout is between 2 and 5 days, depending on how far into the program you are.

It’s important to note that if you are aiming for fat loss, the extra rice/quinoa shouldn’t be added to the diet immediately. Try using the slow carb diet first, and see what your progress is like, as many people find they gain some fat when they add rice/quinoa and/or milk (as in gallon of milk a day – GOMAD). Using protein shakes can be useful, but make sure you use a natural, unflavored whey protein concentrate or isolate.


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If you’re getting started with Occam’s Protocol, I recommend the following:

New Grips weight gloves and wrist supports to prevent injuries and save callouses -
Check them out at http://www.fourhourbodycouple.com/link/NewGrips/ (the wrist supports also work for golf, tennis, guitar, drums, etc).

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An interval timer device like the Gym Boss Max – which lets you program specific intervals you can follow while doing your lifts
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Click here for more information on the Gymboss Max Interval Timer

Protein powder – unflavored isolate
Avoid protein powders as much as you can. Only use protein powders as a last resort, because they’re not technically part of the slow carb meal recommendations and can have an affect on fat loss. If you need to rely on a protein powder regularly, make sure it is whey isolate or whey concentrate, and not flavored at all and mix it with water only. Artificial sweeteners do not help fat loss at all, and worse still can be bad for your health when taken over a period of time. If unflavored whey protein with water is not tasty enough, try adding a dash of cinnamon for some flavor. Adding some ice cubes can help too.

The unflavored whey powders I recommend are the following by NOW Foods:

1lb to try it out:

5lb to save in bulk:


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Click here for more information

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