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1. Adding small doses of certain foods to your meals

Slow carb meals offer a good amount of variety, between different beans, vegetables and protein sources, however there are a couple of extras that can be added to meals, to affect how they are digested, and therefore potentially increase fat loss.

In both cases, these additives are mentioned in the book as being useful for reducing the blood sugar impact of digesting foods, and in some cases, the effect can be very strong, up to a 29% reduction.

Lemon Juice can be used in water, drunk with or before a meal, and a certain kind of cinnamon can be taken in various forms, before, or with a meal. There are some precautions to watch out for, so it’s best to check out the following article to get all the details, and know exactly how to get the most out of using the two common household foods.


Two Simple Fat Loss Tools you Need

Book Chapter

“The Glucose Switch”

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