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Gain Muscle and Strength

Do you want to feel stronger? Have better balance? Preserve and improve your bone density?

Maybe a couple of those things don’t sound like you’re in the right place. But rest assured, if you want to build muscle and strength, then you’re in the right place.

Building muscle is one of the healthiest ways to improve many aspects of your health. And there’s more evidence mounting that building muscles is the best way to increase your cardiovascular capacity as well. So, think about lifting weights, and not endlessly running on a treadmill to improve your health.

The book covers a range of options, which can be quite confusing when read altogether. So we’ve combined the important elements of building muscle into this handy guide.

Here’s the fundamentals of gaining muscle

  1. The MED Concept

  2. Calories

  3. Supplements

  4. General conditioning – Kettlebells

  5. Six Minute Abs: 2 Ab Exercises that work

  6. Geek to Freak workouts

  7. Occam’s Protocol MED Workouts

  8. The Forgotten 3rd option Workouts


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