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5. Ab Exercises that work

There’s a lot of noise out there about what you should be doing for your abdominal muscles. Special machines, special movements, giant balls with all kinds of different actions, and the list goes on.

Check out this picture for a look at the different muscles of the stomach region.

Core muscles 1024x585 5. Ab Exercises that work

The simple answer is that the abs need to be worked like any other muscle group in the body.

For this reason, the book recommends two workout moves.

The Myotatic Crunch

This is performed at first with no weight, and then weight is added for extra challenge. The pace of the movement is kept very slow, so that the muscles are being challenged for approximately 100 seconds in total. This is in line with the other Occam’s Protocol exercises that are done to a 5/5 cadence, resulting in 80-100 seconds of total ‘time under tension’ for each muscle being worked. It’s this level of challenge that prompts muscle development.

It’s like a situp, but with a ‘bosu ball’ or similar roll of instability under your lower back/butt, which means a lot more of your abdominal muscles need to work to keep you stable through the move. Unlike a traditional situp, this is done with arms straight up, next to the ears.

The Cat Vomit

This second abs movement doesn’t target the same muscles as the first, it targets the transverse abdominis, which is responsible for stabilizing the spine, and providing the basis for good posture. Though these muscles aren’t seen as much as the rectis abdominis worked in the first exercise, these muscles help your strength, and keep you standing tall.

This exercise involves following a breathing pattern, and contracting the stomach from the belly button in, 10 times. This results in approximately 100 seconds of work, with rest and recovery times in between.

For further information on both of these exercises, please consult the book

Book Chapter

“Six Minute Abs: Two Exercises that actually work”

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