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7. Occam’s Protocol MED Workouts

A minimalist weights routine that has 2 different routines for different days. Followed for a couple of months, strength and muscle gains will be evident. This is the most efficient or ‘bang for your buck’ in terms of time in the gym. Have a read of our articles, and you should find all your questions are answered. Occam’s Protocol is perfect if you are just starting weights training, or if you are looking for a big change from a typical overtraining workout routine.


4 Hour Body Cheat Sheet – Occam’s Protocol PDF Sheet

5 Tips for your First Occam’s Protocol Workout

Occam’s Protocol Results – 10 Workouts Done

2 Weeks on Occam’s Protocol – Results

Occam’s Protocol vs Geek to Freak

25,000 Calories – 1 week on Occam’s Protocol Meal Diary

The Dark Secret of Occam’s Protocol


Tools – Supplements

Have a look at the Supplements section for info on what take to help develop muscles and limit fat gain.

2 Responses to 7. Occam’s Protocol MED Workouts

  • Charlie says:

    Quick question. Ive been on occams for two weeks and gained 3.5 kgs. Need to take a break for a week due to personal circumstances. I will be on scd during this time. My question is whether i have to do the glutamine loading when i start again next week.

    • Luke says:

      I wouldn’t worry about the loading. For Glutamine, the loading period is suggested mainly to help clear up any damaged gastro-intestinal problems. The Glutamine itself has an effect in time close to your workouts.
      All the best!

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