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8. The Forgotten 3rd option Workouts

The book contains a wealth of great information, though in places it can be quite confusing. One area is the workouts – there’s a couple of obvious ones, and then there’s other options that aren’t so obvious. This is a shame, because one particular routine is very useful, and could be the exact thing you’re looking for.

If you’ve looked at Occam’s Protocol and Geek to Freak, there’s a chance you’re thinking something similar to the following: Occam’s seems great, but very minimal, and perhaps misses some body parts, but Geek to Freak looks like a very long workout, and might be overkill for what you want to achieve. So, is there a happy medium?

The happy medium is the 3rd option workouts – these are a series of split sets, divided into push, pull and legs. This means that if you hit the gym on Monday, you do your pushing muscles. Then you might go again on Wednesday or Thursday, and do you pulling muscles, and then again on Saturday for your legs. In total, you’re working almost as much as Geek to Freak, but over multiple visits. The workouts will be shorter, and you’re more likely to maintain peak energy through the whole workout. You can put in a lot of effort knowing you don’t need to ‘save yourself’ for later in the routine.

Personally, I find these workouts to be a great option, and have been using them for a number of months now with good results.

Have a read of the article I wrote on these workouts, and your questions will be answered.


The Forgotten 4HB Workout Revealed


Tools – Supplements

Have a look at the Supplements section for info on what take to help develop muscles and limit fat gain.

2 Responses to 8. The Forgotten 3rd option Workouts

  • René says:

    When would you recommend to switch to a split plan workout?
    I currently do Occam’s Protocoll on monday and thursday, which i believe is too much since i was still sore on thursday i will now add one extra rest day.
    The problem is obvious, i can’t sit still for 6 days, so a splitplan might do the trick.

    • Luke says:

      Hey Rene,

      I think, when you’re very comfortable with Occam’s and have developed a lot of strength. This might be 8 weeks, 12 weeks or 16 weeks. Normally it’s a good idea to change workouts every 8-12 weeks.

      If you’re getting to the point you describe, a split plan will probably suit you well.

      All the best,

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