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Get Started Losing Fat

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Here’s your ultimate guide to getting started losing fat.

Getting started losing fat is an important step to take. It doesn’t have to be hard, or difficult, but there are important things to think about.

Here’s the process (the sections of this guide):

  1. Finding Your ‘Harajuku’ Moment

  2. Getting Started – including the MED concept

  3. Setting Goals

  4. Taking starting measurements and photos

  5. The Slow Carb Diet

  6. Shopping for food

  7. Having a great Cheat Day

  8. Understanding ‘Damage Control’ – limiting fat gain when breaking the diet rules

  9. Accelerating fat loss with PAGG supplement (The Four Horsemen)

  10. The ancient fat defender – Cissus Quadrangularis

  11. Accelerating fat loss with exercise – Kettlebells

  12. Common questions about specific foods – whey protein, diet soda drinks, protein bars, chocolate, zero carb noodles and rice

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