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Get your head in the game

This goes beyond your Harajuku Moment. From old habits dying hard, to concepts about what a certain number means on the scales, the journey you’re on can have it’s challenges. Before you get worried, get even – we have a wealth of help for you right here, which has been developed over 12 months of working with countless people to help them on their journey to better health. Each article will open in a new page, so you can easily get back to this page after you’ve read one.


Getting Started:

Are Old Goals Holding You Back?

Slow Carb Diet – A Diet or a Balanced Eating Plan?

Had a bad relationship with dieting? Fix it right now.

4 Steps to Finding Motivation Declaring Independence from Fat

Keeping up the good work:http://buyandrogelonline.org/

How to Explain the Four Hour Body Diet to Friends and Family

What’s the Point of the Four Hour Body?

The Four Hour Body on a Crazy Schedule

What is Your Measure?

Relax and Lose Fat on the Four Hour Body!?

Bizarre Results on the Scales

5 Step How To: Stop Cravings and Tame Temptation

Solving the Mystery: Priorities for Fat Loss

3 Reasons Before and After Photos Can Slow Fat Loss

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