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Are you looking for PAGG info and reviews? Read my straightforward explanation, common questions and answers, results, the better formula and all in one options. I’ve covered it all for you.

The PAGG Stack is a combination of supplements, recommended by Tim Ferriss in his book, The Four Hour Body. It contains alpha lipoic acid, aged garlic, green tea extract and policosanol, in specific doses.

As the supplement is referred to, ‘PAGG‘ can help speed fat loss if taken regularly, with a good health regime, such as the slow carb diet, whilst following some simple exercise principles like Occam’s Protocol or kettlebell workouts. It has proven safe to take, as it does not rely on speeding up metabolism or artificially stimulating the body in any way. The green tea extract is decaffeinated, and each ingredient helps the fat cells either break down, or empty.

Basically, PAGG helps your body to lose unwanted fat, by using ingredients, which separately help fat loss, but combined they all work together, in unison, for more effect. Policosanol can help to lower bad cholesterol level, while it raises good cholesterol levels. The Garlic extract, thanks to it’s high percentage of Allicin, helps the body manage cholesterol levels, and inhibits fat regain. Green tea extract, with EGCG, promotes fat cell die-off, which is good news for avoiding any diet rebound, that is common with other programs. Lastly, Alpha-lipoic acid is an antioxidant and basically helps the body store carbohydrates in muscles, or the liver, not in fat cells. A good PAGG combination tablet should also include Vitamin B, and if taking the supplements separately, a Vitamin B Complex should be taken daily.

It is advised to take one week off the supplement combination per 7 weeks on, resulting in a near-2 month rhythm.

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There are a number of nutrition companies that have started producing the combination of supplements in a single, easy to take format, and we recommend the capsules by Pareto Nutrition – as we have met the owners of the company, and appreciate the research they have done into product safety, product effectiveness, and refining and enhancing the formula to create the best product available. You can read more about their version of PAGG in our article about their better PAGG stack.

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