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What is your measure?

There's two things that have been rolling around my brain as I've begun thinking about being on the Slow Carb Diet again; in what way do I look at myself? - and what is my measure of success? These are those questions that seem super easy to answer, but then they're not... So, what is your measure? Continue reading

LOMAD – Occam’s Protocol – does it work?

I wrote recently about things seeming to stop moving upwards, for a week or so, and so I set out to tackle this problem with a few solutions. The most obvious change was adding milk to my protein shakes, and adding an extra protein shake per day, for a total of 2-3 drinks on non-workout days, and 3 on workout days. This worked out to a total of around 1 liter of milk per day, or LOMAD. So, how are my results, after a little over a week of this strategy? Continue reading

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