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slow carb vs low carb

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Compare Slow Carb to Other Diets

If you’re thinking about getting started with slow carb, or if you’ve been following it for a while and you’re wondering if there’s other options out there, then this is the guide for you! Let’s take a quick look at… Continue reading

The Truth: Low Carb vs Slow Carb

I write to you today at the end of an experiment. Ready to present the results. However, I'm a little worried about what it might do. You see, for the last 2 weeks, I have been experimenting, and yes, some of that has been in forms other than slow carb, or even Four Hour Body recommendations. I have strayed away, in the pursuit of more knowledge, and more results! So, it's today, that I solemnly declare that I have 'cheated' on the Four Hour Body.. with a mistress know to many: low carb. But why? Continue reading

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